October 21, 2020

How about a year to

How about a year to read? Would that be too much to ask? And a new computer. And a car for travelling. After that, I’m good.

A friend’s dad has artery disease, just like my dad did. I spent 30 years waiting for my dad to die. He lived to be 82 (?) and never had a single heart surgery. He worried a lot, and missed a lot of life because he was afraid of dying, but he never was a bedridden invalid. I hope my friend doesn’t have to go through decades of being afraid every time the phone rings- something I still haven’t cured. It was such a waste. God was in charge. God knows what he is doing. Let God do his job, and you do yours. Live each day to the fullest.

Some of my students are doing homework while I lecture. I could make a big deal out of it, but I need to think about it. They didn’t sign up for this class, so how much can I demand they be interested? It’s an insult to me, but being insulted is part of being a teacher. They are pressed for time. They do my work, and they aren’t disrespectful in any kind of “in your face” way. They just sort of have a study hall while I lecture. If I wasn’t pretty good at it, I guess it would be understandable, but I am a good teacher.

Well, on the 26th some guy is coming to observe me. I’ll have to do something about it by then. Maybe I’ll throw them all out and just have coffee with him.