January 23, 2021

Holy Week: Music of the Cross on Good Friday

I have the privilege of serving in a fine congregation in Indianapolis this spring as part of my ordination process. This church is filled with gifted musicians and the entire congregation has bought into the ethos of praising God through excellent music.

For Good Friday, I will be joining the choir to sing “Die Sieben Worte Jesu am Kreuz,” by Heinrich Schütz (“The Seven Last Words of Jesus from the Cross”).

Heinrich Schütz, a German composer and organist, is generally regarded as the most important German composer before J.S. Bach. He studied with both Gabrieli and Monteverdi, and is a figure who bridged the transition from Renaissance to Baroque music.

The following is a recording of the Introitus, or introduction, to Die Sieben Worte by the Ambassador Singers of Columbia International University, Dan Kreider, director.

While Jesus was on the Cross
and his body was wounded with bitter pains,
contemplate in your heart
the seven words that Jesus spoke.


  1. Holy week is the hardest time for a Lutheran not to succumb to the theology of glory, because the music is so fantastic.

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