September 21, 2020

Hey Look!

By Chaplain Mike

October 13, 2010
Southeast side of Indianapolis, IN

You sent abundant rain, O God,
To refresh the weary land. (Psalm 68:9, NLT)


  1. Yay! Rain for you, Chaplain Mike! Did you take this photo?

  2. It was so good to see the rain – finally! Now if the wind would just blow all the leaves away…

  3. I can almost smell the rain. Looks so refreshing!

  4. Great photo! Thank God for answered prayer for rain!

  5. In Australia this month, the state of Queensland – coming off a 12 year drought that saw statewide impoundments down to sub 10% levels – has had record rain fall. Some areas have received 5 times their average YEARLY fall in three weeks. Dorethea MacKellar had it right.
    There is a common feeling of guilt among those not affected directly by the flash flooding, because they don’t feel bad about it.
    The wet season starts in 8 weeks and we’ll need more like this to put things back to what we of a certain age still call ‘normal’.
    Of couse the hurt are being helped, but, when you can’t bring yourself to pray against the rain – ahh, it’s a crazy mixed up world.

  6. Ah, the joys of the Irish summer.

    Wait – that’s your place, isn’t it?


  7. It’s obvious that a grandmother somewhere said a prayer.

  8. I saw something that looked like that a few weeks ago. It had been so long that I’d almost forgotten what it was.

  9. I lived in North east Indianapolis for a time in the early 90’s (Fishers) and I have to say that you all have some of the wickedess weather I’d ever seen. Maybe because its so flat (Pittsburgh is a bit more hilly) – some of the lightening storms were actually almost scary (my wife would go crazy if I tried to stand out on our second floor apartment porch and watch the strikes). And then there was the one night when tornadoes were dropping everywhere and the quiver i heard in the disc jockey’s voice… If that doesn’t give one the idea of the awe and wonder of God then I’m not sure what will…

    My thoughts…

  10. “Southeast side of Indianapolis, IN”

    Is that just south of Fort Ben Harrison?