December 5, 2020

Help, Please

Update: As of Monday night, we have received more than $900 in donations for the Palmers. Thus we are more than halfway toward getting a new laptop to replace the one stolen from Adam Friday night. I want to thank each of you for your generosity, both in money and in praying for the Palmers. Keep it up.


We live in a broken world. I was reminded of that yesterday when I received word that Adam Palmer, one of our iMonk writers, was robbed at gunpoint in his own home. Adam and wife Michelle and their five children are ok. Their lives were spared, and that is, of course, the most important thing.

I’m not sure of all that the thieves took, but Adam told me this morning they stole his laptop computer that had a script he was writing for a pastor. It was three months worth of writing, he was almost done with the project, and now it’s gone. This is how Adam makes his living, and now he has to start over—after he can somehow get a new computer, that is.

And that is where you come in. We do not often ask you to give money, but I am today. I would like to ask you to donate through our PayPal link on this page. All monies received will go to purchase a new MacBook Pro plus software for Adam to get back to work as soon as possible. (That will cost about $1500.) Any additional money that comes in will go to replace other things that have been stolen from them.

The one thing that was taken that money cannot buy is their peace. They immediately moved from that neighborhood to another location. For how long, however, will they continue to look over their shoulders, wondering if that person they don’t know has a gun and means them harm? We do live in a broken world.

Whether or not you give to replace Adam’s computer, you can pray. Pray for the peace that goes beyond all understanding to surround them, to overwhelm them as a cloud. Pray for Adam to have favor with the pastor he is writing for, and for him to quickly write this book (he will have start from the very beginning). Pray for Michelle as she settles their family into a new house. Pray for their children (Emma, Noah, Dorothy, Charlotte, and Constance) who must now move past this horrific experience.

And pray for those who were the perpetrators of this crime. Pray for them to come face to face with Jesus, who loves thieves and robbers so much he poured out his life on the cross for them. We are all thieves and robbers in need of the Gospel.

We live in a broken world, but a door has been opened to enter in to the Kingdom where Jesus reigns. In the Kingdom the economy is centered around generosity. May I humbly ask that you give generously so that Adam can continue in his livelihood as a writer? Thank you in advance for giving and for praying.


  1. My family lives in a fairly rough neighborhood of south Minneapolis, and I often wonder if I’ll ever be awakened to the sound of an intruder, or come home to find that our most treasured belongings have vanished. We are only living here temporarily, and I feel lucky that nothing traumatic has happened so far. But of course, that might change in an instant. Such is the precarious reality of living in a broken world, as you mentioned. Although I don’t know Adam personally, I will definitely be praying for his family in the coming days. In particular, I’ll be praying that in the midst of all the fear and uncertainty, they might be able to trust in God’s goodness, and be drawn closer to Him.

  2. Chad Williams says

    It sounds like he may want to invest in a shotgun and a couple of pistols. I would recommend a Remington 870 pump-action and a couple of Glock 19s. The only thing thieves who committ crimes like this deserve is a bullet to the head. I hope they are caught and taken care of in the appropiate fashion.

    • Chad, your sentiments are shared by many I’m sure. Some of us, on the other hand, don’t agree. But this is not the place nor time to argue that or talk about “solutions.”

      Please keep Adam and his family in your prayers. “The intruder” of violence leaves deep wounds.

  3. I suppose this isn’t really helpful now, but fwiw:

  4. Having had my work laptop and other valuables lifted from my own home a while ago, I feel for this family.

    I highly recommend using a remote backup service like CrashPlan, Backblaze, Mozy, Carbonite or Sugarsync. Typical backup plans cost about $50 per year.

    And some solutions are free. If people you know are willing to provide available storage on their own personal computers (or an attached drive), you can backup over the Internet to their machines at no cost using CrashPlan.

    I am not personally associated with any of the commercial services I’ve mentioned, just a satisfied customer. After I started backup up off-site, I found some peace of mind.

    • Isaac (the poster occasionally still known as Obed) says

      Carbonite has saved my hiney many-a-time. Once it saved something like six months of work on a project. I think I pay something around $50 a year. And since it’s for business, it’s a tax write-off, for what it’s worth.

      • Thanks for the info. Maybe we can all learn something from this tragedy [and donate, too]. Fifty dollars sounds pretty reasonable. When I’m working on something like a book, I always back up on a CD lest my computer crash…and keep the doc both at home and on my folks computer….same with photos when I’m traveling…back up to CD which is in check in luggage and laptop is with me and flash drive around my neck.[which could be lost/ left behind at hurried airport security checks…lost a book that way].

    • I have had very good luck with Dropbox. My doctoral dissertation and professional research are backed up there. So far, it has worked very well.

  5. Praying for the family. I can’t imagine what his wife and children are feeling right now.

  6. So sorry this happened. Praying for the whole family’s peace and safety and restoration to normal in all ways. Definitely a sobering reminder that we are all more vulnerable than we usually take the time to consider.

    Second the comments above about Carbonite or other backup solutions. Also, Lojack is a good laptop tracking software in case of theft. Cheap insurance.

  7. How are the donations coming along?

  8. I add my prayers. I do not understand why we live in such a violent society.

  9. you have probably already seen this , but this book by Michael Horton looks very “MONK-ish”

    The Gospel-Driven Life: Being Good News People in a Bad News World
    Michael Horton rightly warns against depending on “guidance technology” to put wind in our sails:

    Like a sailboat equipped with the most sophisticated guidance technology, our Christian lives are often decked out with the latest principles for living, with spiritual guidance counselors telling us what will make life really work for us and our families. Oftentimes, brand new Christians sail out of the harbor under full sail, eager to follow the guidance system, making use of all the gadgets, enthusiastically listening to every fellow boater who has some advice to offer. Yet as many long-time believers know, eventually the winds die down and we find ourselves dead in the water. Then when storm clouds gather on the horizon, we discover that all of the guidance technology and good advice in the world cannot fill our sails so that we can return safely to the harbor. The equipment can plot our course, tell us that a storm is coming, and indicate our present location, but it cannot move us one inch toward the safety of the harbor. In other words, if we are looking for motivation in the Christian life, it cannot come from motivational principles; only the gospel fills our sails.

    The Gospel Driven Life, pg. 143