January 17, 2021

Happy New Year! — My January Playlist

Happy New Year!

Here is my music playlist for January.

It’s all about circles ’round the sun, a new creation in time, darkness and cold, love and loss, cabin fever, and finding the strength to pray and work for peace.

• • •

1 Auld Lang Syne (James Taylor)
2 One More Circle (Peter Mayer)
3 Creation Dream (Bruce Cockburn)
4 I Feel a Change Comin’ On (Bob Dylan)
5 5.15 A.M. (Mark Knopfler)
6 Like The Weather (10,000 Maniacs)
7 Gloomy Winter (Dougie MacLean)
8 No Way to Know (Doug Paisley)
9 January Hymn (The Decemberists)
10 Whatever You Do (Brandi Carlile)
11 Avalanche (Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors)
12 Slow And Steady (Of Monsters and Men)
13 New Siberia (Antje Duvekot)
14 If I Say (Mumford and Sons)
15 The Frozen Man (James Taylor)
16 Pacing The Cage (Bruce Cockburn)
17 Waiting (Doug Paisley)
18 Out Of The Cold (Amos Lee)
19 Wait For The Way (Beth Nielson Chapman)
20 For Emma (Bon Iver)
21 This Year’s Love (David Gray)
22 Up and Up (Coldplay)
23 Song For Sarajevo (Judy Collins)
24 If It Be Your Will (Reprise) (Jennifer Warnes)
25 Dona Nobis Pacem/Auld Lang Syne (Yo Yo Ma and Chris Botti)

• • •


  1. Dan from Georgia says

    Love the song “Like the Weather” by 10,000 Maniacs!

  2. Excellent choices, as ever! I have named you as one of the best Christian resources on the web. Just started my own blog.

  3. Thank you for this list. Only 25? Much appreciated.

    Since I’m not really a music person, I’ll take one of these a day….hence my ‘only 25’ comment. I’ll fill up January with these.

    I wish I listened more to music, this will help kick off the new year with a hope to listen more, a bigger variety, along with hoping to read more, too.

    Happy Nee Year to you and to all posters here!??

  4. Happy 2019, everyone. I hope this year goes better for some of you who found 2018 to be a difficult one.

  5. wherever time goes
    every new year and season
    it takes me with it

    Happy New Year, one and all.

  6. A tune I wrote this year:

    Pain, it’s everywhere
    Pain, it’s everyone
    If you walk, if you don’t
    If you talk, if you can’t or you won’t

    Pain it’s everywhere, pain it’s everyone, it’s everywhere and everyone

    Pain, it’s the poor
    Pain, it’s the rich
    Pain on the mountaintop
    Pain in the ditch


    So heal the wound, dry the tear
    Take a hand, ease the fear

    Hope can be anywhere,
    Hope can be anyone
    Anywhere and anyone
    It might be anywhere

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