November 26, 2020

Wishing You a Jesus-Shaped Christmas

Birth of Christ, Albertinelli

Birth of Christ, Albertinelli

Lo! newborn Jesus
Soft and weak and small,
Wrapped in baby’s bands
By His Mother’s hands,
Lord God of all.

Lord God of Mary,
Whom His Lips caress
While He rocks to rest
On her milky breast
In helplessness.

Lord God of shepherds
Flocking through the cold,
Flocking through the dark
To the only Ark,
The only Fold.

Lord God of all things
Be they near or far,
Be they high or low;
Lord of storm and snow,
Angel and star.

Lord God of all men, –
My Lord and my God!
Thou who lovest me,
Keep me close to Thee
By staff and rod.

Lo! newborn Jesus
Loving great and small,
Love’s free Sacrifice,
Opening Arms and Eyes
To one and all.

Christina Rossetti, c.1887


  1. Beautiful.

  2. “How can a womb contain Him Whom nothing can contain?
    How can he remain in His Father’s bosom, yet rest in His Mother’s arms?
    It is His good pleasure to accomplish this.
    Having no flesh, He purposely assumes it for our sake.
    HE WHO IS becomes what He never was.
    He shares our substance without forsaking His own nature.
    Desiring to make us citizens of the world on high,
    Christ, the Only-begotten of the Father, is born on earth as a man.” – KH, T4

    Merry Christmas! Christ is born, glorify Him!

  3. A blessed Feast of the Nativity to you all, and wishing you a holy season of Christmastide!

    Well, the bird is in the oven, the vegetables are prepared, and I’ve been texting to family who aren’t living locally, so now to emulate my patron saint Martha and get back into the kitchen to keep an eye on things and set the table, etc. 🙂

  4. Randy Thompson says

    It’s still barely a White Christmas here in Bradford, New Hampshire, due to a thaw..

    It’s a shame Bing Crosby never recorded “I’m Dreaming of a Soggy Christmas.”

    Merry Christmas and God bless you all!

  5. Merry Christmas, iMonk community!

  6. God’s blessing to all imonkers! Thanks to all for putting up with my mostly irrelevant comments! Merry Christmas. Really, RT? Bradford? I used to live by Dartmouth college!