January 15, 2021

Gethsemani Impressions 2017

Gethsemani Impressions 2017

Here are some pictures from my recent weekend at the Abbey of Gethsemani. I did some experimenting with the art filters on my Olympus Pen-F, and ended up with this collection of images that evoke some of the peace and mystery of the place. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Click on each picture for a larger image.


  1. As I’ve mentioned before, my uncle is a Trappist. He has been 60 plus years at St Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts. The pictures elicit the same feeling in me as St Joe’s. My uncle once told me that haste is considered an act of violence. Everything there seems to happen at a fixed and measured pace. I’ve never once seen anyone rush to do anything in my 50 plus years of visiting. That’s not to say it never happens, only that I have never witnessed it. Someone from NASA must have gone in retreat before they came up with the moniker, ‘Tranquility Base’. Btw, they now make a great beer up there.

  2. the nuns like to talk
    but this morning breakfast is
    taken in silence

  3. Very nice photos. Full of texture. I especially like the tree (#5) and the edifice of the building (#16).

  4. Incredible. I’d love to go there sometime…thank you for sharing these!

  5. We earn our living by making cheese, fruitcake, and bourbon fudge.

    We may need pictures and reviews of these things too!

  6. The pictures are nice and thank you. I wish I could share the pictures of my friend Cody. I don’t know how. I was the biggest man on the block walking the littlest dog With the biggest heart I ever knew. Almost made it to 15. You see life is an expression much like a 1000 words. He didn’t come home today as he went back to Him.

    We couldn’t get to work today as they shut down every road to where we needed to be. So we drove back the hour and during the ride a call came saying he has bone cancer and is in terrible pain and it is time. Drove the 20 minutes to be with him and hold him one last time. The shot took the life and he was no more here.

    A 25 minute ride to where he would be cremated because my wife didn’t want him in the dirt turned into a 4 hour tour and everything that could have gone wrong on this trip did. One of the last things was a very long train blocking our way. It was almost at this point comical. Not to mention the school buses on the last part.

    The blessing was through all the frustration was I got to hold Cody that much more. He wasn’t there of course as the life had left but for me it was precious as in more precious then anything I could imagine. My heart breaks inside my chest. I hate this world with every part of my being. Everything dies here. I don’t know how to live without Cody. My only hope is the one who broke death.

    Sometimes when I feel rebellious I want to meet the Father and answer every question he would ask truthfully. I never wanted this. I never wanted wars and meanness. I never asked for people to go 90 to go to work and put themselves and others at risk. I never wanted the meat grinders of highways that I have to go on everyday. I never wanted to have to be a part of a world system that makes and compels me to have to live within its parameters. Yet here I am. I am. I am. How many times have I asked to leave this place.

    Pictures are nice and beautiful. I wish I could show you Cody my friend. He was so beautiful. Never hurt one thing in his whole life. Ever. Even the stray cats would come out to walk with him. I have never seen anything like it. How am I to live without him. I must go on. May the Lord have mercy on me and all who know what I say. I speak the truth. Sorry a little off topic…….Alex my cat only knew Cody from day one they even slept together. I’m worried about him…

    • Lord, grant repose and forgiveness of sins to your servant, Cody, and make his memory eternal. Remember and comfort your servant, William, with the peace of your invincible Cross.


  7. Brother Gregory spoke at the old per annum conclave and said he didn’t like the preparation of the beans. When Brother Phillip spoke the next year he commended the bean prep. The following year Brother Xavier declared, “I’m leaving the Monastery! I just can’t take the constant bickering!”

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