November 26, 2020

Rob Mathes + Treasury of Daily Prayer Online Demo + New T-shirts at NRP

Run, run now to the Trinity Church in Greenwich website and get Rob Mathes’s sermon/song from August 17th. Just do it. It’s called “London-Dublin.” I’m with Bill Kinnon- Rob has a future as a preacher. What wonderful interaction with the Psalms. Incredible stuff. The sermon will disappear in a few days so get it asap.

If you were excited by the review of Concordia’s Treasury of Daily Prayer, then you really must go to their fully working online demo version of the book. Complete with page turns! Very nice.

And if you haven’t visited our sponsor, New Reformation Press, you should check out the new t-shirts in the store. Very nice art work.


  1. Almost thou persuadest me to buy Christian T-shirts again – those are some nice designs.

  2. Классная статья – спасибо!

  3. Супер. Спасибо, так давно искал этот материал. Ну просто респектище автору. Никогда не забуду теперь

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