November 25, 2020


I’ve put together a 30 minute podcast on Thomas Merton. I cover a lot of Merton basics, and try to put some of Merton’s interest in Eastern “mysticism” in perspective.

I reduced the sound quality to make the file smaller.


  1. I will listen to your podcast tomorrow after church. I am reading The Seven Story Mountain and No Man is an Island, these are my first Merton books. He does give one a lot to think about. I will be chewing on these for a while. I have recommended these books to my pastor.
    Michael, have you read any of Chaim Potok’s work? I really enjoyed My Name is Asher Lev.

  2. Philologus says


    I appreciate you taking the time to defend Thomas Merton. I have read Merton for several years now and like yourself, have found his writings to be a great help. He certainly was no new age guru but as you said a very traditional Catholic. For those who think that the Catholic Church has nothing to offer us evangelicals I feel very sorry for them. They will never achieve half the depth of spirituality that Merton had. I have found Merton’s books to be a very stabilizing influence in my life. Especially during times of depression and despair. I hope that those who are criticizing Merton in the blogosphere will actually take time to read and understand him and also place him within the proper context of his time. I also would like to say that of all the Christian biographies I have ever read The Seven Storey Mountain is in my top 5 for real life changing value.

    Above Muldoon mentions Chaim Potok’s books and I would agree that his books are enjoyable. Very good insights into Jewish culture.


  3. Good stuff man. Nice job. Funny, I remember hearing Merton on one of those teaching tapes as they began (must have been just after Vatican II) “uhh, pray brothers a blessing, that’s the english, not sure what to do with that” – something like that – he seemed fairly annoyed with the change from Latin. Goes to what you were saying about him.

    I’d suggest anyone get hold of one recording of him made in Bangkok the week he died I think – it’s called “Sanctity” – one side is at Gethsemani – the other side of the cassette is in Bangkok – talking about Christ the King – he mentions Marxism a bit and some of the current, then, problems in the church, clergy, etc. I’m sure he will be found bemoaning some of the same things that some of his current detractors are in the Church. Interesting.

    Thanks again for doing this – I busted you out over on my blog too. Peace to you.

  4. Imonk,

    The link for the podcast isn’t working anymore. Just thought that you should know…

  5. lol, actually, another reason why you should know that the link doesn’t work anymore is because I want to listen to the podcast…so…yes, it would be great if you could do that…