January 15, 2021

First Baptist Bar and Grill


  1. One of my favorite Tim Wilson songs along with another good one of his called “Ricky Tidwell’s Momma”.

    He does a funny bit about his Jewish wife:
    “Them folks kept trying to get me to read the book of Mormon. My wife’s Jewish, I can’t get her to go for Jesus, let alone Jesus – The Western.”

    On a slightly serious note, despite his somewhat rough edges, he actually shared his faith on the Bob and Tom show one time, pointing out that he was “probably the worst Christian in the world”, but that he had “trusted Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior”. It was one of the most uncomfortable pauses I ever heard on the B&T show.

  2. Makes me proud to be living in the Indianapolis area with such fine programming on the local airwaves!

  3. Awesome vid. I will nominate this as the SBC theme song at the next Convention.

    What? Why not? They’re telling us church planters to be more missional.

    Missional = burn down the church and head to the bar


    Talk about starting the day off right. I dare someone to play that one in church. Whoops… I can be a sucker for dares. Naaaahhh.. better not. 🙂

    Jim K.

  5. Wow, that guy got a lot of words sung in 3 minutes. Cute!

  6. Another good one of his is “Church League Softball Fistfight”, also available on YouTube.

    He does use the phrase “can of whoop a**”, so you’ve been warned.

  7. I love the line about “if you think our doctrine ain’t devout we’ll have the bouncer throw your *** out”.

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