October 24, 2020

Finally wrote my essay on

Finally wrote my essay on fantasizing about becoming a catholic. Between the one on leaving fundamentalism, the several on Calvinism, and now one on wanting to be a Papist, I should be sure to get fired before next Christmas.

Dennis Miller’s show starts next week on CNBC. I really don’t need to add another program to the few I watch each week, but I can’t see how I can resist it. The man flat out makes me laugh till I hurt. I don’t know which is funnier: listening to him or watching the faces of the Hollywood crowd as he talks.

It’s a tough thing when you have a friend you work with, and he likes you and you like him, but the best thing would be for him to no longer be employed by the company. He needs to go. I hate to say it, but there is just no way to get around it. A change needs to happen asap. I wish we could just come out and say it. Thanks for your work, but it’s not working out any more. Take a couple of weeks, but move on. But we won’t do that. It’s too mature and straightforward.

Friday Praise and Worship is the most dead, boring, dull 30 minutes of my week. I can not describe how awful it is. It isn’t about God; it’s about how many of these horrible little songs can we listen to before we slip into a crack in the earth. Is this our punishment, Lord? Is this what happens when you turn your back? You leave us with this awful music. Were we that bad? I mean, can’t you show a little mercy?