January 15, 2021

Eyes Wide Shut: Denise Spencer and the Struggle to Stay Awake

sleeping_in_class.jpgLife with the iMonk is exciting. And if you believe that, I’ve got some land in Florida to sell you.

My wife has written an entertaining essay about her struggle to stay awake when I am anywhere in the vicinity. Those of you who are looking forward to the excitement of marriage may want to read this to see just how exciting marriage can be. Preachers….if you once wanted a large church, but now you’d just like a few people to stay awake through your sermon, then this post is for you.

Denise a great writer with a fine humorous touch. Enjoy.

Read: Eyes Wide Shut


  1. Michael,

    You think you have it bad with your wife falling asleep during your sermons and Bible Studies? Sheesh, when I lead a Bible Study, my wife asks to be transferred to another group.

  2. Read it, laugh out loud…

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