October 22, 2020

Eugene Peterson: A Voice That Must Be Heard

pete.jpgI am always aware that those who read the Internet Monk may not realize that when you hear my voice, you are really hearing the voice of those who have influenced me. There is no one who has influenced me more than Eugene Peterson.

There is a lot I could say about all of Peterson’s twenty-plus books, and how they are wonderful examples of all that I would want to recommend to anyone about reading the Bible, teaching, thinking about the church, authentic ministry and much more. Just for a sample, try Peterson’s book on Revelation, Reversed Thunder. Incredible work.

So….when I read this interview with Peterson in the current issue of Christianity Today, I wanted to ask every IM reader to take the time and read it, and pass it on to a pastor, student or friend in church leadership. Peterson’s wisdom has authority and authenticity. This message needs to be heard and heeded.

By the way, I am afraid that many of you may only associate Peterson with The Message, his paraphrase of the Bible, and especially with Rick Warren’s use of The Message in Purpose Driven Life. Let me just say that this is high irony, as the interview above will reveal. My opinion of The Message? It’s a paraphrase. If you don’t know what that is, or what it is intended to do, and not do, maybe you could read some interviews with Peterson where he discusses The Message.

Anyway, get the CT Interview out there. It’s absolutely required reading.


  1. You’re right about it being required reading. Thanks for referring your readers to it. Peace.

  2. Very good interview, thanks for pointig it out. I have probably misjudged Mr. Peterson since my only knowledge of him is as the author of the “The Message”. I agree wholeheartly with Eugene’s points in the interview, thank you for broadening my viewpoint.

    It is unfortuante that “The Message” which doesn’t get billed as a paraphrase and now is often used as the primary text in many “Seeker-sensitve” churches.

    I will have to go read the interviews where Peterson discusses The Message.

  3. Richard Thom Gloria says

    i only got the book Run with the Horses of E. Peterson. i love it very much. in fact i used it in my preaching series on JeremiAH and it turned out wonderful! I would love to have read more and more of E. Petersons book but it is not available here in my country, philippines. i can’t order it via internet because i dont have visa or any credit cards. if there’s anybody wish to send me books i would love to recieve them and be assured they’ll be use in the ministry.

    Ptr. Richard Thom Gloria

  4. Richard Thom Gloria says