November 26, 2020

ESV Study Bible Product Placement Photos Needed

UPDATE: Thanks to Brandon M for the first exhibit. Oprah needs to get some work done on her hands, though.

Van Til here again. The lawsuit is proceeding well, but I need some evidence.

I need “Product Placement Photographs” of the ESV Study Bible.

Where in the media has Justin Taylor cleverly placed the ESV Study Bible where all can see it?

I need photos in a size appropriate for posting here at IM, so please note the width of posts. (Or if it’s really good, I can do the shrinkage, but this lawsuit is keeping me busy.)

Photos of the ESVSB being used by celebrities? In films? On your plate of food? I need them to help America’s tormented bookish Calvinists!


  1. u need photos with Warren, TBN(anyone), Osteen and Benedict…oh and Gene Robinson 🙂 heads will explode

  2. Is she really holding onto that ESVSB, or is that digital manipulation using PhotoShop?