April 20, 2019

Easter V

By Chaplain Mike

Today’s Gospel: John 14:1-14

when in the dimness of an upper room
my troubled heart fears an ending
an abandoning, a bereaving i cannot bear
the world that i have known changing
the one whom i have followed departing
the path that i have walked ending
my hope, so solid, dissipating
the friends with whom i’ve traveled falling
the words in which i’ve trusted failing
my confidence flagging
my concentration lagging
i hear you speak but cannot hear

i am sure that we will leave this place
singing a hymn
but in the garden i will sleep
for fear of what night will bring.


  1. Tim Becker says:

    What nice words of grace to the apostles who slept who’ve received nothing but condemnation from generations of Christians.

  2. I have greatly enjoyed these Easter reflections. And I love the Icon of the Lord’s Supper with the round table.