December 3, 2020

Easter III

The Supper at Emmaus, de Maistre

By Chaplain Mike

Today’s Gospel: Luke 24:13-35

road taken
friend welcomed
hearts broken
grief spoken
word opened
then home

guest summoned
meal proffered
grace offered
bread broken
eyes opened
christ known


  1. JoanieD says

    I like this one very much, Chaplain Mike.

  2. Ben Carmack says

    Is there a name for what you’re doing here, or did it just come to you, form and all? Love it.

    • No, I didn’t intentionally set out to follow a form. I just wanted to capture this story’s simplicity. A couple of the lines kept coming to mind, particularly the parallel between “hearts broken” in the first part of the story and “bread broken” in the second part.

      thank you for your kind words.

    • I’m gonna call it, ‘mike-ooh’ or ‘Miaku’

      Nicely done, Chaplain Mike!

  3. Amen chaplain Mike!
    I really love the ‘hearts broken’ bit…

  4. mike poet

  5. Well done!

  6. Is that a poem or a sermon outline? It works pretty darned good as both!