December 1, 2020

Easter II

Appearance to Disciples at Table, Buoninsegna

By Chaplain Mike

Today’s Gospel: John 20:19-31

a bunch of frightened, doubting friends
we hid away like fugitives
our leader dead, our expectations dashed
we assumed the worst —
that those who killed him would now be after us
finish the job, put the whole “messiah” thing to rest
so we pulled the shades and locked the doors
some paced nervously, others sat staring into space
how long would we have to twiddle our damn thumbs
before we could feel safe, figure out what to do next?
peter kept mumbling to himself, puzzled
he and john had gone to the tomb to check out strange reports
the body was missing, he couldn’t figure it out
later, mary said she saw him — how could that be?
he spoke to her? alive, after that cruel death?
we were just numb, dumbstruck
and every silence was uneasy, every noise startling
most of us simply stared at the floor and sighed
we heard no knock or call to open
no latch turned, no door came ajar
we felt no chill of outside air
but without notice another joined us there
we raised our heads and heard the word
we’d needed so many times before —


  1. Nice work, Chaplain Mike!

    Thanks for sharing!