September 19, 2020

Eagle Update: 8/4/12

I’ve tried to call Eagle on a couple of times recently, but always seemed to pick the wrong time, when he had a visitor or was busy with his medical caregivers.

I did talk with Dee yesterday, who literally went the extra mile(s) by making a four-hour drive to see him and help him work through some of decisions he needed to make. When she arrived home last night, she wrote:

I just arrived back in Raleigh after a great visit with Eagle. He is now accepting stronger pain medicine since he is having a lot of pain and understandably so! He is essentially bedbound at this time. Things are up in the air as the doctors continue to monitor the course of the infection. As of this morning, there was no discussion or estimate of discharge. Please continue to pray that the infection comes under control and does not advance beyond the thigh. He is in good spirits and enjoys reading the well wishes. He is so grateful for all of you. He is open to visits.

I told Dee she exhibited the very definition of love: being with and for someone for their benefit. And so have many of you, by your words of encouragement and prayers.

In order to protect Eagle’s privacy, we have not broadcast his name and information. But if any of you would like to send a card to him, email me and let me know. I will have you send it to me and I will forward all that I receive to him. Use the “Write Chaplain Mike” link in the upper right part of the page.

I have not yet heard results of tests that may indicate his further course of treatment, but will keep you posted of any significant developments.


  1. We are praying for and believing for the FULL recovery of Eagle!! God will save him!

  2. Eagle, if you are reading this, please know I am praying. I have been away from internet for a week and didn’t know this has been happening, but am lifting you up now. May God be your peace, your healing and your strength.

  3. I have enjoyed witnessing this “love in action” towards Eagle! It is one of those things that make me happy to be part of the human race! And this community (though off and on)!

  4. See, stuff like this happens when I allow IM to go unread in my RSS feed for more than a few days…

    Take care, Eagle! Always glad to read your comments on my blog and on IM as well, hope everything is getting better for you and I’ll definitely be praying!

  5. Eagle – I hope you are reading this because I want you to know that, although I’m going to holiday for two weeks now and won’t have access to the internet, I will continue to think of you and pray for you. GET WELL SOON! With love Ali x

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