October 21, 2020

Eagle Update: 8/2/12

9:30pm — Update from Dee…

Eagle has a seriously infected leg. They are planning on multiple IV antibiotics for some time to come hence he will be having a central line placed in the next day. I am hoping the red above the knee is do to serious inflammation and not infection but new cultures were taken today and he will know for sure in 48 hours. He is in quite a bit of pain however, he is now getting medication that will help him in this area.

However, the good news is that he is “with the program.” He is conversant and even has a sense of humor. That means alot in these situations.  He cannot believe all the well wishes. Last night, when he was having trouble sleeping he was able to read most of them. he is so grateful for the support. He kept saying it was “unbelievable.” He loved the visit from “Leila.”She brought him train magazines. Eagle is a model train aficionado.

I will spend the morning with him and see how things go.

* * *

8/2/12, 11:45am: Dee from Wartburg Watch is traveling to see Eagle at the hospital today. She called last night and asked for prayers for wisdom and discernment as she tries to help our friend. Please join us in seeking the Lord for his guidance, direction, and continued manifestations of his loving, healing power.

Her comrade, Deb, and her family will be in D.C. this weekend and will also be visiting.

BTW, Eagle left a few comments over at Wartburg Watch during times when he could not sleep last night. He hasn’t lost his sense of humor. However, the mere mention of the word “catheter” is enough to make me cringe.

His comments start at .


  1. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    However, the mere mention of the word “catheter” is enough to make me cringe.

    I had to pee through a Foley for four days once. (Room 250 at Anaheim Memorial after emergency abdominal surgery.). No fun. Especially when they take it out:
    1) Doctor pulls out BIG syringe and comes toward my junk with it.
    2) After deflating the bladder holding it in (that’s why the syringe), doc pulls it out FAST. ZIP!!!!! Including friction heat. I doubled over.

    Still, better than the NG tube coming out the day before. Now THAT tasted like the World’s Worst Wet Burp.

    • Highwayman says

      Too much information!

      I’m pleased to see Eagle’s keeping cheerful, though – I always appreciate his honesty and his comments on here. Also glad to see the practical care being shown by those of you within range.

  2. Gosh..I wish I lived closer. I’d make him a batch of fresh zucchini bread. Still praying and grateful people can go see him. He makes me smile.

  3. Hang in there Eagle. Praying for you regularly.

  4. Yes – still praying for you Eagle – you are missed!

  5. Thank you for these updates. Still praying and looking forward to good news too.

  6. The infection sounds bad, but on the plus side, he’s aware and awake which is good.

    Continuing to pray for him and very grateful for all those calling in to see him.

  7. Glad to hear that Eagle is being well taken care of and hoping you get better very soon – and trains are cool!

  8. Great post, Kim. I think I will use these ideas to generate some conversation on Face book as well. Blessings!

  9. Im no professional, but I imagine you just made the best point. You obviously fully understand what youre talking about, and I can really get behind that. Thanks for being so upfront and so honest.