October 21, 2020

Eagle Update: 8/13/12

Please renew your prayer efforts!


Eagle was transferred to a rehabilitation facility at the end of last week.

It has not gone well.

Tonight his fever had spiked again and he was having other symptoms that required him to be readmitted to the hospital.

The condition of his leg remains serious.

Please intercede for our friend as God brings him to mind.


The Lord helps the fallen
and lifts those bent beneath their loads.

– Psalm 145:14


  1. Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on our dear friend Eagle

  2. I might be shouted down here, but years of medical drama with my husband has made me cautiously hopeful for Eagle… God has taken us ( my husband & I) to the brink, many times… So, my comment may be from a emotional & experiential place…

    It is difficult for me to wrap my head around the amount of prayer that has gone on on Eagle’s behalf and now this.

    Frankly, I kind of know God is good in my head, but another part of me has to ask: What good is He if he hasn’t answered all the prayers that have been prayed on our dear Eagles behalf…

    And I know that there is more to this story, but right now I would like to scream at God.

    • Christiane says

      It’s OKAY to scream at God . . . it’s OKAY to offer to Him what you have to give, even if it’s not what seems ‘appropriate’ . . . He will still know what to do with it. He will know.

      is a story about a poor Jewish man, rather simple-minded, but very devout who had happened to hear his rabbi say that it is best to pray in Hebrew, in the ‘language of the covenant’, in order to honor God

      now this simple man wanted to please the Lord, but all he knew of Hebrew was the letters of its alphabet . . . and when the rabbi came to temple, he heard this man slowly saying each letter aloud while he davened (swayed in prayer)

      the rabbi stopped him and asked why? why just say the letters?
      and the simple man told him that God could take from him his Hebrew letters and make of them the most wondrous of all prayers, so great was their good God

      the lesson?
      it’s okay to bring to God in prayer what you have and give it to Him. . .
      He will know what to do with it

      He will know.

    • Gail ~ my heart goes out to you. After many years of many medical appointments and good care my husband died. He was one of thousands of Viet Nam vets who died from their exposure to Agent Orange which was a chemical that was sprayed on the jungles (and on the people) to defoliate the jungle in order to make it “easier” to fight the war.

      I agree – it’s okay to pour out your anguish and anger at God. But God is in no way obligated to answer our prayers. We live in a fallen world and sickness and suffering are just part of the story right now. My husband never prayed for healing. He knew God’s plan and purpose for this age. Did I pray for his healing? You bet. To watch the suffering was so difficult. But during the final week of his life he saw my tears and said, “Don’t look at this Adrienne (waving his hand over his body). You know what you believe now lean on that.” Scripture clearly teaches that our bodies are decaying but our inner person is growing stronger day by day. And I literally saw that happening to my husband.

      So we continue to pray for Eagle, knowing that God loves him and is with him throughout this ordeal. And I think Eagle needed to know how much we all love him and that somehow God is working a desperately needed inner healing for Eagle. The suffering caused him by “church people” was deep and his anger, grief and anguish were palpable. As we cover him with our prayers I believe that true healing is taking place right now for Eagle. Please take comfort in that.

      • Thank-you Ladies,

        Beautiful thoughts for me to ponder…

        “God is in no way obligated to answer our prayers. We live in a fallen world and sickness and suffering are just part of the story right now.” ( o my, my, why do I forget this?)

    • Gail, shall we never shout down honesty and candor from a place of real emotion and experience. Never! I love your expressions and think Eagle would as well!! Love you, my friend.

  3. My Christ, the Physician of Body and Soul, grant healing to Eagle. May his sins be forgiven, may he be comforted and given strength, and may he rise soon from his sick bed. In the Name of the Father, +Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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  6. Eagle – still praying & sending love from here in England XXX

  7. Keeping up the prayers – Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in Thee. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

  8. Also praying your spirits are up and hope abounds as you go through this difficult time.

    *Lord, hear our prayer*

  9. Eagle is much in my thoughts & prayers. May the Lord have mercy.

  10. I don’t know what to say. I don’t understand any of this most of the time. And when I say “this” I mean all of it. I suppose that’s why it’s called faith, yes? If I understood it, I wouldn’t need faith. That’s the hardest part for me. I feel dumb enough as it is in “real life” and coming to Christ has made me feel even dumber. Of course I say that with all due respect. The black and white of our world, the human need (and it’s a deep need) for answers screams in the face of so many who hurt and suffer and struggle. What do I know?

    Eagle, in the midst of your suffering I can only hope you can feel a presence of the love and prayers of so many and the God who seeks us Home. Does anyone want to know the thing I have found the most profound about this entire situation? And of course I only have an opinion from way outside the scope of being there. Here’s this guy, Eagle, for whom we don’t know his real name, only his real story. He has been a regular commenter here for God knows how long and shares some very poignant and deep struggles – even to the point of questioning if God is real based on his crappy experience with some who have claimed His Name. And then all of a sudden Eagle is in trouble, real trouble. And what happens? Does the rest of the community begin their tirade of preaching to Eagle all the Scripture and cliche’s he needs to get well? Berating him for all his honesty……????

    NOPE! NONE OF THAT!!! I have seen – and again from my far out in the distant perspective – love, love and more love. THAT, my friends, encourages me and this faith that I can’t wrap my head around! It helps me to know that even though experiences like Eagle’s are very common and real and wound many, this here is just as common! I don’t know about you, but I need to know that!! I need to see Jesus with skin on in real actual time! No spouting, no picket signs, no “my way or the highway” kind of Christianity, no “you don’t believe what I believe so I can’t help you” brand of it either. Just straight up love!

    And that’s all I need to know. For today. When that changes I’ll know this is a safe place I can ask and receive love in return. Just like Eagle.

  11. Rebekah Grace nailed it.
    Love and prayers for our brother Eagle continue.

  12. Dear Lord, I prayed a similar prayer before, leading with my not understanding of prayer. Why would this prayer I am about to pray lead You to do something that all of the other prayers haven’t? I’m clueless. I am not even going to ore-suppose that there is something special about me or this prayer that will lead You to say, “Aha! That is the prayer I was looking for!” So all I can do is ask You to touch Eagle with Your healing hand. Move this mountain of his that has sent his body to the brink. Do it for Your glory, Lord. Lessen his pain. Ease the anxiety of those who care for him. Show Yourself to him and those around him through this ordeal and the outcome. You are the one true God, the Most High. We love and adore You. Praise Your glorious name! Amen.

  13. I love this person called Eagle, and I pray for you.

  14. Eagle, we are walking this road with you, even if at a distance physically. I’m still praying for you, your dad and your mom. May God comfort all of you and give you his peace. I’ve come to believe that any healing is miraculous, no matter how long it takes.

  15. Hang in there oh transplant from the big wide open… seems like things are getting rough again. Strong body and strong mind…keep a positive attitude and know that you have a great number of people asking hope and prayers for you -help in the only way they can from far away.


  16. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that things are not going well for Eagle. I pray for the doctors to be guided in the best way to treat and heal our Eagle.

  17. Hang in there Eagle.
    We’re praying and rooting for you.

  18. And now I read at TWW that Eaqle’s phone has been stolen! And he has a chest infection & another infection in his leg. Aaaaaargh.

    Can we set up a phone fund?

  19. On August 5, Eagle wrote on The Wartburg Watch 2012 blog, “Wow CM wrote a neat article. Sadly I cant post there…..”

    What does he mean? Is the internetmonk site not working for him?