September 19, 2020

Eagle Update: 8/1/12

UPDATE: 8:30pm. Although the post below tries to inject some humor into this situation with Eagle, it is important for us all to realize that he is still very sick and in need of continuing prayers and support. Dee from Wartburg Watch lives a few hours away from the hospital where Eagle is, and she is an RN and her husband a doctor. They are very concerned about Eagle’s condition and want to make sure he is supported as he continues to deal with his medical issues. So, Dee will be traveling to see him tomorrow. She called a little while ago and asked for prayers for wisdom and discernment as she tries to help our friend. Please join us in seeking the Lord for his guidance, direction, and continued manifestations of his loving, healing power.

* * *

It seems there’s a competition of Olympic proportions afoot here. It’s Internet Monk vs. Wartburg Watch in a battle for who can show the most concern and attention to our friend Eagle!

I received this from Dee this evening:

So you think you can out do us, huh? This means war!

5:30 PM Wed — Leila drove 90 minutes to get to Eagle. Thank you for being so kind! Where did all these wonderful people come from on our blog?? However,she brings word that  the good people at Internet Monk are attempting to outdo us. Never fear! We glam blog queens will not take this lying down!!!

From Leila:

“I had a delightful 90-minute visit with Eagle today. Once he felt comfortable I wasn’t some strange internet stalker, we had a great time discussing theology, our observations and experiences with churches, and more. He is such a kind, gentle soul and for a fellow as sick as he is, I never would have known he was in great pain. He was sharp as a tack and not the least bit grumpy — which makes him a much finer person than me, because when I’m sick I’m not nearly as articulate or personable. He did say he was so bored that even listening to a John Piper sermon would be a treat.

“We found many common points of interest besides theology, not the least of which is that he’s a history buff like my husband, and that every now and then he gets to Annapolis (where we live) so we might get together in the future. He showed me his leg – yowza!!! His nurse, Matthew, is a Christian and seems to be the perfect person to be taking care of him.

“While I was there, a box of chocolates and flowers arrived from the crew at Internet Monk. [cue crowd wildly cheering]

“Anyway, thought you’d like to hear that his spirits seem pretty good and that the love and prayers of the internet community are really blessing him.”


  1. Thanks for the update and for visiting that Eagle.

    He’s a funny guy (Piper comment).

    Glad he’s in good spirits, in spite of all he is going through.

  2. Well, drat. No glamour blog queens here, only weird internet stalkers 🙂

    However, we will not be defeated when it comes to praying and wondering!

  3. Glad to hear that he seems to be improving!

  4. Thought I’d let you know I signed the card that went with the flowers and candy as from all of us iMonks here at the monastery. We are all in this together for Eagle.

  5. I think iMonk might be loosing the match here. TWW has put all blogging on hold until further notice. But chocolates and flowers? They’ll get a run for their money yet. Perhaps we should be a bit more worried about his boredom, it seems to be reaching hazardous levels. 😛

  6. I learned while I was visiting Eagle today in hospital that he is allergic to nuts. Therefore, Team iMonk, be warned … if the chocolates y’all sent contain any nuts, you will lose points. In fact, you will lose 10 points for each nut in the box. Team TWW will not be undone.

  7. Hey, Chaplain Mike, I was there for Team TWW!! Just kidding. It was my pleasure and it isn’t often one gets the chance to meet a kindred spirit and cultivate a new friendship like this. Wish I lived just a bit closer and could get back over the weekend, but it looks like today was my only chance to get there for awhile.

  8. petrushka1611 says

    Eagle, no, not Piper! Don’t go to the dark side! 😛

    Still praying.

  9. Nice work people! And what happens if you’re an afficionado of both sites? Not that I am or anything, oh no, not me…

    I hope through this really awful experience of being so sick Eagle finds healing from more than his infection.

  10. Thanks for the update on Eagle. I have had him on my mind and in my prayers. I too pray that he finds healing in the true “shalom” meaning.

    Jeff thanks for sending the flowers and candy on behalf of all of us.

    Eagle ~ you rest and take good care of yourself now. We are all surrounding you with love and prayers. We would be lost without you as you are our “iron sharpens iron” man. We need you to keep us sharp!!

  11. CM….do you need any monetary support for Eagle for any reason??? Please let us know what we can do to help in that way….

  12. I have been MIA due to having a baby earlier this month. So I’ve missed the posts about what is going on. Is there a way to send things to Eagle? What is needed/helpful?

    Eagle, if you are reading this, we hope you have an easier time these next few days!

    • Congratulations Danielle! Boy or girl? Name and other vital statistics please!

      • Boy — August Theodor. He’s well-organized, apparently, as he showed up on his due date and weighed a very typical 7 lbs, 8 ounces. Delivery was less textbook however, and as a result August required emergency attention followed by observation in the NICU at Johns Hopkins. But we had an excellent medical team that swooped in to our aid, and as a result both he and I are now in very good shape. We’ve been home 3 weeks now, and are enjoying getting acquainted!

        (To any the doctors and nurses reading this–thanks for all your hard work!)

        Eagle–I hope you’ll be out of the slammer soon too!

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