June 6, 2020

Driscoll Reruns

markd.jpgSince Mark Driscoll clearly bothers some people to the point of issuing ultimatums and accusations that are utterly fantastic- like claiming Driscoll started Emergent and is to blame for all its worst tendencies- I’ll rerun my piece on “Why Mark Driscoll Bothers You,” plus a few other relevant oldies but goodies.

Read “Why Mark Driscoll Bothers You…or Doesn’t.”

Here’s my review of Driscoll’s “Confessions of a Reformission Rev.”

I take a look at the Fundamentalist encounter with “Seattle” type culture in “High Culture, Low Lifes and Judgement in the Household of God.”

And here’s Van Til’s Interview with the Director of the Hyles-Anderson-Rice-Jones Institute, an operation we’re still hearing from.

I think the t-shirt crowd needs to go ahead and start selling, “You’re Not One of Us……Just Because.” Or “We don’t like you…we really don’t like you!”


  1. We already have a “baptism police” t-shirt. Are we not allowed to wear t-shirts? Or are we not allowed to make jokes with our t-shirts when we are actually the butt of the joke?

  2. Hey, good posts. But in the High Culture one you said (and i know the topic is driscoll, and don’t mean to hijack the thread):

    “When I answer this question–”The Bible doesn’t have anything to say about skin color as a factor in relationships”–I probably run the risk of some redneck dad coming to straighten me out, but so far, I’ve survived”

    John Piper has a great sermon on interracial marriage. He had a great point from the one passage where miriam is struck down with leprosy–part of the issue was her submission to Moses, but the text makes it clear that her objection to moses marrying a cushite (Ethiopian and Black) woman was an issue. Piper’s translation of miriam’s reaction was “my god moses, she’s black!” “okay Miriam, you like whiteness, I’ll make you white”. He really hit out against any opposition to interracial marriage (his point from Genesis and adam–we all have the same great great great grandfather, so get over it!)

    I still hear bad things from the south about racism. Glad to hear you take the right stance, but I dare you to come out even stronger like Piper.

  3. Not sure if I’m an official member of “the t-shirt crowd”, but how’s this ? 😉

  4. Thanks for the quick work

  5. Hey, this is a bit late, but I’ve got a very different reason Mark bothers me–he’s misogynistic. I was a freshman at the UW in 1995, and I went to some of the first ever Mars Hill gatherings. I also went to an apologetics class they offered. At 26 he was the largely same preacher he is now, and I was (and am) impressed by his commitment to Scripture, his ability to communicate, and many of the other things you articulated in January. But it seems like every time I listen to Mark he has to be demeaning toward women of all kinds and men who don’t act like the “macho-Jesus who could take you” that Mark dreams into the gospels. Comments like his make many women feel trapped and ashamed for not fitting into his narrow role for women. It sounds like you’ve heard him enough that I shouldn’t need to provide examples.

    I’m an egalitarian (who used to be complimentarian), so I have theological issues with Mark, but there are many in the complimentarian camp that articulate their position without being offensive, and who I can disagree with without being bothered.