August 10, 2020

Dallas Willard — 1935-2013


From an IVP Press Release (click link for full text):

Dallas Willard, renowned teacher, acclaimed writer and one of our most brilliant Christian thinkers, died of cancer May 8, 2013. He was 77.

“This morning our wonderful teacher and friend awakened to the full goodness of the Kingdom of the Heavens he had described so beautifully,” said friend and colleague Gary Moon, director of the Dallas Willard Center for Spiritual Formation at Westmont College. “I believe Dallas Willard was one of the great reformers of Christian thought of the past century and that his most powerful lessons were in how he lived an unhurried life with God.”

Kent Carlson, a friend of Willard, said, “I heard Dallas say recently that some people will die and it will be a while before they realize they are dead. That is vintage Dallas. Eternity is real and it has already begun. He lived this. He once wrote, ‘You are an unceasing spiritual being with an eternal destiny in God’s great universe.’ I cling to this truth today.”

Willard is known for changing the way thousands of Christians experience their faith. “Again and again I have been profoundly struck by Dallas Willard’s ability to speak fully to both mind and heart,” said Richard J. Foster. “His intellectual stature and his deep devotion to Christ are distinguishing marks of his life. And, above all else, the humility and gracious character of his life is simply stunning.”

“He is the kind of figure and person that only is given by God once in many generations,” said Keith Meyer, friend of Willard.



  1. Dallas always gave me hope for the future of church thought. Now he’s experiencing the Kingdom. Well done, good and faithful servant.

  2. Another beautiful one gets away from us! Too many in one year….

  3. Dana Ames says

    “Divine Conspiracy” changed my life. Dallas showed me what the Kingdom is and convinced me that God truly is good. I will always be grateful.


  4. A real loss for the church here on earth. I remember hearing him speak at a local church several years ago and will never forget what he answered in response to a question about earthly security: “We are always safe in the kingdom of God.” So profound and so true. He summed up in a few words what growing up around some great missionaries had taught me but that I had never been able to articulate.

    Heaven is brighter today, where he now knows that kingdom in all its fullness, but our world is a little dimmer.

  5. I had no idea of this man’s life or his works. What a tragedy that he had to depart for me to become aware of him.

    There are some grim overcast days where the Sun, in setting, finds a crack between the cloud cover and the horizon and for a few brief moments, the entire landscape is awash with light. Even the underbelly of the cloud canopy reflects it back. This man Dallas Willard appears to have been like that. If the rest of his work are as redolent with the aroma of Christ as what you all have quoted in his memory, he is indeed the wisest Protestant I have had rumor of since the passing of Lesslie Newbigin.

    He isn’t dead.

    “All shall be well, all shall be well, all manner of thing shall be well”

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      I had no idea of this man’s life or his works. What a tragedy that he had to depart for me to become aware of him.

      Happens pretty often. You never hear about somebody until their obituary, and then you wish you’d known them.

  6. Adrienne says

    No Mule – he isn’t dead and he never will be.

  7. From the Dallas Willard Center:

    At the request of the Willard family, we have set up this official online “Memorial Guest Book.” Individuals who wish to offer condolences to the family or to offer a verbal tribute to Dallas Willard concerning how his writing, teaching or friendship has impacted your life may do so here. The Willard Center will make sure that the family will see your words of appreciation and compassion. We invite you to share your reflections, tributes, comments, and condolences here by posting your message to the Memorial Guest Book comments.