October 29, 2020

By Request: “Confessional Essays” From the iMonk

An Incomplete list of “Confessional Essays” published at Internetmonk.com.

“The things I thought were so important – because of the effort I put into them – have turned out to be of small value. And the things I never thought about, the things I was never able to either to measure or to expect, were the things that mattered.” -Thomas Merton

(Please note that all these essays are copyrighted for use in their entirety only. Otherwise, you must have permission to excerpt.)

My fears of death.
My doubts about God.
My struggle with being fat.
My confession of being weak and a failure as any kind of victorious Christian.
My strange attraction to Roman Catholicism.
My screwed up approach to parenting.
What it was like to grow up around mental illness.
My rejection of traditional evangelism.
Why I hate theology.
Growing Up With The SBC Teetotalers.
The reality of a small church pastorate


  1. Michael,

    Thank you for posting all these links. It gave some of us who are still relatively new to your writing (I’ve only been reading for about 6 months) a chance to see the bigger picture of where you’re coming from. It was very eye-opening for me.

    steve 🙂

  2. Thanks again for putting this up – I always enjoy going back to these posts every now and again to remind me that I’m not alone in the things I daily struggle with in the course of my professional and spiritual life.

    On Matthew Good’s blog, back when he used to write more personal posts, he once had a post up called “Ghosted” in which he talked about an extremely raw episode in his life; the failure of his marriage, and a suicide attempt which followed later. It always resonated deeply with me, and I was saddened to see it taken down, though I understand why he did so. I’m thankful that you still have the need deep down to keep your more personal posts up. I know they do a lot of people an immense amount of good.