December 1, 2020

Comment Spam-be gone!

I want to thank BHT fellow Phillip Winn for some MT wizardry that once and for all rids me of the plague of comment spam that has decimated this site. The price to pay for peace in the neighborhood is small: you must preview comment posts. Press two buttons instead of one.

Let me also say that if I never hear the words “Texas Hold ’em” or “Penis extender” again, it will be too soon. May all comment spammers spend a happy eternity enduring the wrath of God and anything I can throw at them as well.


  1. I want to say that comment spammers have a special place reserved for them in hell, but that’s bad theology.

  2. Also, it should be noted that the forced-preview is not the only change made; it is simply the only one that should affect you. So far, none of the sites I’ve made this set of changes on has had another comment spam appear.