January 28, 2021

Come, People of the Risen King

By Chaplain Mike

A song calling the church to come as one to praise Christ, by one of our best contemporary hymn-writers, Stuart Townend, and performed in concert by Keith and Kristyn Getty.


  1. Townend’s “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” is my favorite hymn at the moment. I play it compulsively anytime I pick up my guitar.

  2. The Guy from Knoxville says

    Chaplin Mike,

    Thanks for posting this song – really neat tune and text and, while contemporary, it has the flavor hymn style mixed in as well. Admittedly I’ve not been a fan of contemporary music in the church given some of the really out place stuff that’s been brought into the church in the name of worship but this song is not like that and I really like it and it’s the kind of song that would work well with just about any instrument in the church – traditional or contemporary. More importantly is its text calling the church of Jesus Christ to to praise and worship him – Rejoice! Thanks again!

  3. Solid recommendation – I think I’ll play it in church next week!
    Classic songwriting technique of contrasting pairs: joy vs. weeping, battles won vs. still fighting, young and old, men and women, full and empty hands… a very inclusive call to worship.

  4. The stage in the video throws off the worship. It still looks like a performance – no matter how great the words are. Even J.S. Bach performed in a concert hall is not the same as in a sanctuary. But now in most churches, the sanctuary IS a concert hall. So confusing.

  5. Great song, good message. The performance is beautiful. It makes my heart rise.

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