October 25, 2020

Coffee Cup Apologetics 9

cca_small.gifDoes culture determine our view of truth? + Should we use apologetic resources from Christians with whom we differ? + Roberts/Hitchens debate.

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Roberts/Hitchens Transcript
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  1. Personally I get sick of apologetics too easily. It seems there’s often just to much to try and defend or argue if you want to maintain a logically driven faith. But then if you don’t want a logic driven faith you essentially open to delusion. . . . .

  2. Here’s one for the apologetics people:


    Not sure if you’ve heard of this site. But it is a VERY hositle atheist site, asking why no amputee has ever been recorded (outside the biblical one of the soldier’s ear) as being healed. The website seems based on a quote from popular atheist Sam Harris who suggests that all reported healings are of conditions that could otherwise heal themselves, and therefore a naturalistic reason should be given for them.

    BTW: These guys also run godisimaginery.com (of the same ilk).

  3. Phil-Style, I’ve actually visited that site before and I believe they’ve changed their name to “Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?” (I guess that title seems a little more human) I enjoy hearing the different objections that people raise and seeing all points of view. There are apologists out there that have taken on that very site and written some good refutations. As I see it, there argument is basically “Why is there ambiguity in the way that God seems to work in healing people?” They find it interesting that overt “miraculous” displays don’t happen that would “leave no doubt.” I have heard of many amputees that claim to have been healed by and helped to recover by God both directly and by His working through people in the medical profession. Perhaps a more accurate title for there site would be “Why Won’t God Heal Amputees in a Grandiose Way That Conforms to My Preconceived Notions of How He Should Act?” Perhaps some of the other IMonk readers have further insight.

  4. Rich,

    Yeah I have similar thoughts. What I find most interesting is that the site is full of “rationalisations”. The site suggests that if a ratinoalisation is required then believers are making “excuses”. But I would contend that a rationlaisation is exactly what the site is looking for, and is exactly the system apon which the site administrators would claim to run their own lives.

    If a rationalisation is not goo enough for a believer, how can believers be expected to accept non-believer’s rationalisations? A double standard perhaps?

  5. RahabToo says

    To the question of the hour–Does culture determine our view of truth? —

    Yes and no. Initially one of the toughest challenges in our conversion is the baggage we bring to the table. The struggle increases as we move further and further out of darkness and the light demands specific culture-killing choices. I was actually asked to leave a church meeting once because I did not think President Clinton was a good role model. Democrat or die…..

    We were warned in Luke 14:26 that replacing the cultural ties as chief influence is actually a requirement of discipleship. Renewing the mind day by day will eventually make the final answer no. That’s a painful process that some folks don’t survive.

    The Holy Spirit has his work cut out.