October 21, 2020

Coffee Cup Apologetics 40

cca_small.gifPodcast 40 Is Richard Dawkins the best atheism can do? (A review of “The God Delusion Debate” DVD.)

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  1. Chris Martin says

    This was great Michael. Thanks for your ministry through this blog and podcast. It’s been a huge help in my personal struggle to understand Jesus and his message and I really appreciate your insight into the various conversations that are going on within the Christian community.

    Have you thought about reviewing/critiquing Ben Stein’s new film, Expelled? I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts on it.

  2. Atheism doesn’t really need to offer up superstar spokesman. Their main ally resides in the hearts of man. Our hearts are not bent towards to God, but rather,as St. Paul reminds us in Romans 3:11 , “…no one seeks for God.”

    So the atheists can throw anybody up there to look and sound foolish and they’ll get a standing ovation from the chorus of the lost.

    Wisdom, wit, and winsomeness never opened anyone’s heart to Jesus. Only the Spirit of God can do that and does it when and where He will.

    Thanks I.M.

    – Steve

  3. In speaking of Christianity and violence I do have a question, it seems to me that religious violence in the West has diminished in relation to the secularization of society. As power has been taken from the church i.e. ‘Separation of Church and State’ religious violence has diminished. We only see this violence now in areas were the separation of church and state is not as strong. So does it not make sense that I, as a non-Christian, would be nervous at the rise of Christians in politics? I think that is were the sudden rise of the New Atheist comes from. Fear of religious people entering openly into politics with an agenda. Is this possibly true? I am not sure. but I think it is interesting.

  4. Even if Dawkins is a lightweight (and his arrogance HAS gotten him spoofed on South Park), he’s heavy enough to get a LOT of Christians running pee-their-pants scared. I don’t know if its part of the generic Apocalyptic Zeitgeist of today, the American Christian Persecution Complex you covered last week, or just me being a weirdness magnet, but I’ve been running across Christian after Christian who KNOW Dawkins is the harbinger of what will become The Great Persecution. (Remember some of the ominous “IT *IS* COMING!” responses you got to that post?)

    Nobody standing on the roof in white robes with marked-up End Time Prophecy Charts so far, but given American Christian flake dynamics…

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  6. There may be an issue with the iTunes link….it keeps giving me a download error.

  7. Bill Haynes says

    Michael, I appreciated your comments on the God Delusion debate. I was there for the debate back in the fall and the only complaint I had was the format. Judge Pryor may be good on the bench, but he lacked skill as moderator. But again it may have been because of the hand he was dealt. John Lennox is not only a fine mind and intellect, he is a gracious Christian gentleman. I have been able to come to know him a bit through my daughter who has worked with him on several projects.

    The most interesting point in the debate for me was when Lennox mentioned the resurrection of Christ. Dawkins almost blew a gasket . . . which again shows where the offense of the Gospel is centered.