January 18, 2021

Coffee Cup Apologetics 38

cca_small.gifPodcast 38 Movie recommendation, Keller on Hell and Keep It Simple.

Tim Keller resources

Andrew Peterson

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  1. I listened to the sermon by Tim Keller and, as someone who does not believe in hell, I found it did not talk at all about the issue I have with this doctrine.
    I was raised Mormon in Utah. I no longer believe in the religion of my birth but I still have very close ties to it (wife, family, etc) the reason I bring this up is that most of the Christians I have spoken with do not believe that Mormons are saved, thus all of the people in my family and friends are in hell (or will be). I just can not see this as just. That is my problem with the doctrine of hell. It is easy to agree with the punishment of horrible, evil murders etc. But my grandmother? Mormon all her life she truly believed and would claim even to believe in Christ as her Savior. Why can not God forgive her? Or save her? In the end it would make the most sense to me to believe in some kind of universalism in the end, but I am not sure. Perhaps you could explain this to me as I have never received a very clear answer. Thanks.

  2. Chris Stiles says

    This post is a little old now – but this is worth pointing at as a resource. Tim Keller speaking about his book at google and berkeley:


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