January 18, 2021

Coffee Cup Apologetics 35

cca_small.gifPodcast 35 Thinking about “I Can’t Continue To Call Myself A Christian.” I’ve got more to say about this in another podcast.

Monday Morning Insight post of “I Can’t Consider Myself a Christian.”

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  1. Thanks for the podcast. I read the pastor’s response from MMI. “Here are three books.” It’s another way of saying “good luck.” I believe this girl’s letter expressing angst needs a blend of the Bible Answer Man approach (yes, there are answers) and real identification. I think we get so soaked in our own solution that we forget the Richter Scale of true struggle going on in people adapting to a biblical world view. Maybe it’s just me, but I know the answers. And I still cry out in some wondering. I am not sure books with 365 pages of explanations bridge the gap. Most people think, “anything that takes that long to explain makes me wonder what’s going on.” Yeh, I know the Bible Answer Man response to that one, too.

  2. I agree entirely with Don. The girl’s earnest struggle deserved better than the answer she got. Paul said that of faith, hope, and charity, the greatest is charity. I saw a bunch of faith in the answer she got, but not much in the way of charity.

    I just wish it were possible for all the Bible Answer Men to think it *possible* they may be wrong. Not wrong about Jesus Christ, but wrong about the obstacle courses they set up for other people who want to reach Him. I wish *just one* BAM would say sometime, “You know, this is my take on it, based on my [Reformed/ Catholic/ Baptist/ Episcopal/ whatever] understanding of the Scriptures. But I know there are a lot of Christians who have a different way of looking at it. Talk to so-and-so about this same question if you want a different slant on it. In any case, Jesus loves and welcomes *you,* and you need to talk especially to Him about it.”

    But heck no, that wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying to a BAM’s ego, I suppose.

  3. 2 great responses. I agree that the ‘apologetic’ line is often very unsatisfying. I’m especially wary of the strobel type approach – reinforcing evangelical interpretations based on sometime spurious mental gymnastics.

    Christianity is alot broader than many of us are lead to believe when we first take those bold steps into faith. It seems to me that this young woman is simply one who is in a place to explore a wider understanding of Christian thought. this should be encouraged instead of ‘homeworked’ (i.e. indoctrinated) away.

  4. Nicholas Anton says


    I appreciated the above podcast. Regrettably, it is true that we have made believers of those who do not know Who Jesus is, disciples of those who do not know the cost of discipleship, and worshipers of those who do not know who, what and wherefore they worship.

    The question?

    Can we fool people into heaven by refraining from giving them the whole truth lest they refuse it, and thereby getting them to accept a Christ who is not the Christ of the Bible?

    I would suggest not!

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