November 25, 2020

Coffee Cup Apologetics 24

cca_small.gifPodcast 24. Discussing C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity Part 5: Is Christian behavior a good apologetic?

The podcast website is Coffee Cup Apologetics.

All the episodes of Coffee Cup Apologetics are now on iTunes. Go to iTunes and search for “Apologetics.” (iTunes is missing some podcasts. You can get them from the web sites.)


  1. Do you have transcripts somewhere?

  2. No. Sorry.

  3. S’okay. I am such a dork that I brought my laptop with me to an indoor waterpark, and it is so loud here that there is no way I’d be able to hear a podcast. I’ll listen later.

  4. This has nothing to do with the podcast, but what about those Wildcats yesterday? This time, they didn’t fold.

    As a Boy Scout, I used to usher for games in the old Stoll Field, where I saw way too many losses.

  5. Pastor M, as a die-hard Buckeye, I was glued to the overtime ending, conveniently broadcast on the big screen at the waterpark.

    I didn’t swim so much; I was too busy with technology.