January 15, 2021

Coffee Cup Apologetics 16

cca_small.gif“Will God punish people forever in hell?” In this second segment, I talk about what happens when we give up the belief that God is a just and perfect judge.

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  1. Don Hendricks says


    I used to teach these things the way you just did. I no longer do, and yet affirm that I have not jettisoned in any way God’s justice, the reality of evil acts and evil people, or the truth that every one of us will appear before his judgment seat to give account for the deeds done in the body. When you follow the path that many have who have a high view of scripture, you begin to reexamine the very biblical words you share. The greek words for hell, the greek concept of eon, the greek meaning of the word for “punishment”. the greek meaning of the word “torment”.The meaning of “lake of fire” You may find it possible for God to both recompense the victums and bring the evildoers to true repentance. I assure you Micheal with deep respect for your gifts and abilities, that the classical explanation of “eternal concious torment” has done more harm to the cause of Christ and the Gospel and the image of God the Father that Jesus Himself taught. I am not flowing with the new agey stuff. This is about doctine, and truth.

  2. I appreciate your comment. I’m not done with the topic yet. I’ll have more to say specifically about hell later.

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