October 28, 2020

Coffee Cup Apologetics 11

cca_small.gif“Do Christians make the world better?” and Reverse Apologetics.

Coffee Cup Apologetics now has its own website: ccapologetics.wordpress.com

Can someone help me get this onto iTunes?


  1. Hey Michael,

    I sent you an email last week about helping you get this onto itunes. If you didn’t see it, check your spam folder. Let me know. -steve

  2. the easiest way (since you are using word press) is to download and install the podpress plugin – you may already be using it…


    Then Submit the feed at the itunes store…


    i would also suggest using feedburner to track your feed. You can see who is subscribed and such, and it is just good for your feeds…


  3. I do have the plug in and use it for im radio. It was set up by my tech and i don’t know a thing about feeds.