October 20, 2020

Christmastide II: He makes it possible not to give up


Christmastide II
He makes it possible not to give up

I consider it a providential blessing that our New Year’s Day falls within the bounds of Christmastide. Both speak of new beginnings and hope, and both seem to refresh our spirits, energizing them to start again when we have tired.

Here is a brief excerpt from a message by Rowan Williams for today on this theme.

At Christmas — and at of all times of the year — we need reminding, believers and unbelievers alike, of what sort of difference can be made to the world because of that birth in Bethlehem. Not only can be made, but is made: whether in Congo or in the back streets of our country, plenty of people know that it’s only because of those who believe the Christmas message that they have recovered hope for their lives.

And the message is that God has told us he is not going to give up on us: he appears to us in the life of Jesus, a life of complete identification with human suffering and need. And he makes it possible for us to identify in the same way with those who suffer and live in hopelessness and need. He makes it possible not to give up, even where there seems least chance of change.

• Rowan Williams
Goodness and Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas


  1. He makes it possible not to give up, even where there seems least chance of change.

    If it were not for this, I would have given up long ago; if it were not for this, I would give up today.

    Instead, this morning I will go church; I will sing the hymns and say the prayers; I will receive Communion; and I will endure.

    • Yes.

    • Here’s what I believe: Even as our life flickers out and the scoreboard reads 215-31 against us, when the buzzer sounds and the game actually ends Jesus will walk up to us and raise our arms in victory, and we’ll look at him and say, “WTF?! Were you even watching the game? Did you see how I played? Turnovers, missed shots, horrible defense…”

      And he’ll say, “Yep, I saw every minute of it.” And he’ll smile and take us home.

  2. Cold Sunday morning
    bright planets close overhead
    stars almost in reach

  3. Thanks for this Mike, very encouraging, I’d never heard of Rowan Williams until today. Where would I start if I wanted to give some of his works a read?