December 2, 2020

Chris Tilling on Inerrancy

Chris is one of the best young theological bloggers out there, and his “Inerrancy” series (which is not all that recent) is outstanding. Chris says that an inductive reading of scripture reveals that inerrancy is not the Bible’s own position.

The last post in the series is a podcast by Chris suggesting a way forward. Some of his personal journey is contained, as well as some good discussion of the overall topic.

Keith Johnson is doing a doctoral project on Barth, and writes to say the strongest case for Barth’s view of scripture is in Evangelicals and Scripture: Tradition, Authority, and Hermeneutics, a collection of papers given at a conference at Wheaton in 2001. It was called “The Being of Scripture is in Becoming” and was written by Bruce McCormack. If you can locate this, you’ll be greatly helped.