November 26, 2020

I Have a Bias

I have read quite a bit about bias recently. Lifeway Research responded to a charge that they were biased. My facebook feed told me of the bias against Obama. This post is not about either of those two articles (so let’s not go there in the comments) but it did get me thinking about my […]

Daniel Grothe: The Spiritual Discipline of Scribbling

The Spiritual Discipline of Scribbling by Daniel Grothe A few years ago, I began preaching weekly—an invigorating, and simultaneously daunting and demanding, task. Previously, I had the good fortune of being an occasional preacher, filling in for people who were on vacation or who turned up sick. As a fill-in, very often you get to […]

Defying Categories

Many of us look for role models to guide us in our lives, our work, our faith traditions. I like to honor people who defy categorization, who are thoughtful enough to recognize that life’s palette contains more than black and white, who are humble enough to bow before mystery, bold enough to embrace truth and […]

Adam McHugh: The Writer as Mystic and Madman

Note from CM: One avenue of interest that I like to explore as I write is the craft of writing itself. Today, Adam McHugh helps us think about writing as an ancient practice “that unfolds our souls and opens our hearts and minds to the God who speaks to us, with us, and through us.” […]