September 21, 2020

Morning Psalm

God, you are for us a strength and shelter—in times of affliction, you are found everywhere we look. And so we won’t be afraid at changes of the earth, when mountains tumble into the heart of the sea or waters rage with tumultuous froth; the peaks quake in awe of your presence. Selah. A river—its […]

Shane Rosenthal on Sunday Worship

We’ll feature two posts today from Shane Rosenthal’s article, “Abandoning Evangelicalism?” in Modern Reformation magazine. This is highly recommended reading for our iMonk community. Rosenthal tells his story of being raised by a single mother who had left Methodism and adopted Judaism when she married. Shane converted to Christ at age 18 and began attending […]

Game or Practice?

I have many friends in local baseball community. Many of them go to church. Some of them find it boring. I’ve had several conversations with a acquaintance who goes to the Roman Catholic Church. He did not grow up Catholic, but his wife did, and they agreed to participate in the congregation as a family, […]

Public Scripture Reading: The Sublime and the Ridiculous

UPDATE: Thanks to Mike Bell, who alerted us to this follow-up article by Tim Challies in which he explains his stance. I’m still not buying it. • • • Anyone who worships in a liturgical church and folks in every tradition that values the place of Scripture in corporate worship will find some points to […]

New Missal Introduced — What Do You Think?

Today, on this first Sunday in Advent, the traditional beginning of the Church Year, the Roman Catholic Church began using a new Missal in the mass. Priests have been preparing congregations throughout the autumn months for the introduction of the new mass translation. Catholic News Agency has had a website available that contains a number […]

The Order of Christian Worship

By Chaplain Mike And on the day called Sunday, all who live in cities or in the country gather together to one place, and the memoirs of the apostles or the writings of the prophets are read, as long as time permits; then, when the reader has ceased, the president verbally instructs, and exhorts to […]

Imagination Poor: A Must Read from Skye Jethani

By Chaplain Mike Back in January, I posted a children’s sermon I gave in a worship service in a quaint old Midwestern Presbyterian sanctuary. In that message, I focused on the surroundings and elements of the service the boys and girls could observe. I reminisced about what I remembered from my childhood about church—light streaming […]

A Musical Primer on the Ancient-Future Path

By Chaplain Mike If I were to design a course to teach about spiritual formation from an ancient-future perspective, my soundtrack would be the new album by John Michael Talbot, called, Worship and Bow Down. Remarkably, this is Talbot’s 53rd (!) record, but it is different than most of his previous releases. In light of […]

Worship: Robert Webber’s Proposals

By Chaplain Mike As we’ve been talking about worship music over the past few weeks, I’ve been encouraged to go back and review some of the sources that first caught my attention and made the study and practice of Christian worship such a major part of my thinking and ministry. Most evangelicals who have learned […]

Worship Music: Today’s Catholic Principles

By Chaplain Mike Since the Second Vatican Council (1965-present), the Roman Catholic Church has experienced a great deal of change and development with regard to liturgical practice. Along with these changes, the Church has thought and written much about her worship, including the role of music in it. The liturgy was one of the first […]