July 11, 2020

Wilderness Update — “It’s Not You, It’s Me”

I can tell you’re not sure if you wanna go  and really that’s most understandable  there’s whole a lot involved in where you place your bet  and all these reports? They’re a little suspect  • Bill Mallonee, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” • • • We interrupt our regularly scheduled Formation Talk for a personal wilderness update. […]

Outsider Lessons

Not long ago, I wrote a Wilderness Update post called, “Square Peg Syndrome,” which resonated with many people. Consider this a follow-up to that piece. Yesterday, I read a similar article called, “A Few Things I’ve Learned as a Christian Outsider,” by Benjamin L. Corey over at his blog, Formerly Fundie. He wrote it for […]

Wilderness Update: Square Peg Syndrome

Wilderness Update from Chaplain Mike – June 2, 2014 It is no secret that I have long struggled with church. Since leaving congregational ministry over nine years ago, I have been in the wilderness when it comes to having a church home and getting involved deeply in a congregation. After trying a few paths which […]

Isn’t It Hard?

Mouths move without vision — without regard for consequences Eyes fill with memories poisoned by intimate knowledge of failure to love Sometimes, sometimes, doesn’t the light seem to move so far away? You help your sisters, you help your old lovers, you help me but who do you cry to? ‘Cause isn’t it hard To […]

Outside the Camp

What I think I’m looking for and not finding is something that will give me hope.  At this point, I won’t be persuaded by guilt or by empty platitudes.  “You just need to do it because it’s what we all need to do” just isn’t cutting it.  Having people tell me that it’s a broken […]

The Heroic Journey

But what are you going to do with your now resurrected life? That is the heroic question. – Richard Rohr Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life * * * One traditional way of thinking about the course of life has been through the stories of journeys made by heroes or heroines. […]

The Least of God’s Holy People

As I reflect on my life today, many years after my ordination to the priesthood and that season of monastic life at the Abbey of Genesee, I still feel like the least of God’s holy people. Looking back over the years, I realize that I am still struggling with the same problems I had all […]

The Good Scout and the Denial of Jesus’ Way

Note from CM: Before I write today’s post, I must say that yesterday’s discussion provides a superb example of why I love being part of Internet Monk. That was one of the most thoughtful and respectful conversations I’ve ever been privileged to witness. I had a busy day at work so wasn’t able to participate too […]

Pausing to Consider the Journey

Some things have happened in my personal world recently that require reflection and reconsideration of the way ahead. I won’t share details at this point, except to say that a fog has descended, obscuring the road that stretches before me. I’ve learned enough by now to know that it might be wise to pull over […]


On Saturday, Chaplain Mike was approved by the candidacy committee for assignment, call, and ordination in the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Thanks be to God!