July 12, 2020

Wednesday with Michael Spencer: Just a guy with a life

Wednesday with Michael Spencer Just a guy with a life (excerpt from Chronicle of the Journey, 2008) I’m a fifty one year old guy whose days leading churches in his denomination are probably over, whose wife got burned out in the non-existent “spirituality” of 30+ years of Baptist church life and ministry, who has been […]

“Your relationship with God grows uniquely in the soil that is your journey through life”

My friend Dory recently wrote: This year has been transitional for me, and I hope I’m not nearly done yet. I have deliberately stepped back from everything I thought I knew about traditional Christianity, racial divide, politics, racial bias, the meaning of freedom, and the response of the church to government oppression. I have asked […]

and this is faith?

and this is faith? and this is life? scared spitless, all alone my earthly goods, my loves sent away anticipating an attack reaping what i’ve sown the wrath of esau i feel like throwing up pulling the covers over my head but suddenly i’m wrestling writhing, grunting, falling, scraping my elbow, twisting the sound of […]

The Limits of Social and Political Activism

Richard Beck’s continuing series on his journey to becoming “post-progressive” includes a critique of progressive Christianity’s priority of political activism and social justice. Beck knows that there is a great deal of support in the biblical story for this emphasis, and thinks it appropriate that this is an emphasis for Chrsitian faith and practice. “Building […]


I AM A PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN because I believe that doubting, questioning and searching is a legitimate and mature expression of faith, and that for many Christians a season of deconstruction is a necessary and vital part of the faith journey. I AM A POST-PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN because I believe a faith journey that terminates and exhausts […]


Labels aren’t everything, but here at Internet Monk we’ve talked a lot about being post-evangelical. The subtitle for the blog used to be “dispatches from the Post-Evangelical wilderness.” That was Michael Spencer’s journey, and it was also mine. From the culture of American evangelicalism to…what? Michael never really found a home in another tradition but […]

Monday with Michael Spencer: Chronicle of the Journey

Note from CM: Internet Monk has always been about the journey. Michael Spencer led the way by sharing his with us. Back in 2008, around the time I began reading and listening to his podcasts, Michael had the opportunity to take a sabbatical. This sabbatical gave him opportunity to chronicle the path he had taken, […]

Another Look: Outsider Lessons

Another Look: Outsider Lessons Back in 2014 I wrote a Wilderness Update post called, “Square Peg Syndrome,” which resonated with many people. I wrote this as a follow-up to that piece. I’ve updated it for today. Benjamin Corey, at his blog, Formerly Fundie, wrote a similar article called, “A Few Things I’ve Learned as a Christian […]

Always the Road Redux

Always the Road Redux All my life I’ve thought one day this wandering will end, The place I seek appearing, and there I am — at home. Some sweet promised, fruitful, verdant, restful land. I smile, breathe it in, and settle down. There we laugh and feast and play ’til dark Then lie within each […]

Wednesday with Michael Spencer: Shopping the Whole Mall

Wednesday with Michael Spencer Shopping the Whole Mall (2007) It started innocently enough. His name was Tim, and he was a Christian at my high school. There weren’t many of us, and we made friends despite those denominational differences that were supposed to matter so much. Tim invited me to a charismatic prayer meeting at […]