December 18, 2018

Pete Enns: What Is The Bible? A Question Inerrancy Can’t Answer

What Is The Bible? A Question Inerrancy Can’t Answer By Pete Enns I deeply respect Scripture, but I am not an inerrantist. I have several reasons for this, but it comes down to two things: The Bible as a whole (rather than a prooftext or two) doesn’t support inerrancy. The history of Jewish and Christian […]

Another Look: How the Bible “Works” Today

Another Look: How the Bible “Works” Today From 2013 Today I’d like to discuss how I think Scripture “works” in our lives today — we who live so far removed from the events it records and who live in a vastly different time and culture. First of all, we must be willing to recognize that […]

Another Look: The Power of Stories

Stories are better than doctrine, at least in the way we have come to state doctrines. Over the course of my ministry, I have constantly fallen into the trap of thinking that being able to state a doctrine means that one has mastered its meaning. It’s great to be able to rattle off what we […]

The Bible: An Ongoing Dialogue

In short, the very creation of Scripture stemmed from an ongoing dialogue between God and God’s people, and of God’s people with one another, as they sought to know God and God’s workings in the world and faithfully to respond to God’s call. • Karl Allen Kuhn. Having Words With God: The Bible As Conversation […]