January 22, 2021

The iMonk Weekend File: 2:18:05

I’m bringing over some BHT posts for this edition of the weekend file. First, some honest thoughts about how the “inerrancy” debate intersects with my own experience as a Christian. Then, a story from the Spencer Family Hall of Fame. Let’s just say that our Valentine’s day was….uh….memorable.

Help the Monk Write His Book

The Internet Monk asks for a favor from long-time readers.

The iMonk Weekend File: 2/5/05

Should I say I have been O-verblogged with O-pinion about O-steen? Has my blog become the “Story of O?” ‘Tis true. The many deeds of Prosper-O hath made my island a regular traffic jam this week. But I press on, even if J-O can’t be distracted, and the O-Dogg still be rappin’, yappin’ and clappin’ […]

Outing Joel Osteen: A Challenge to the Evangelical Blogosphere

Before you read this post, I want to ask you to read two interviews with Joel Osteen and the first part of his book. The first is at Beliefnet.com. The second is at FaithfulReader.com. Here is the book excerpt at Amazon. Here is a long excerpt from the first chapter of Your Best Life Now […]

The iMonk Weekend File: 1/29/05

Put down that remote, don’t touch that dial. It’s what every blogger envies: The iMonk Weekend File. (Otherwise known as taking a break from blogging about homosexuals and James Dobson to chase and shoot a few other rabbits.) This week’s program: My Beef with Mac recipe, Christianity’s problem with politics, and the books I bought […]

The Laughter Just Beyond The Door

When I was a little boy, we lived in a very small house, and my bedroom was connected to the living room by one door. My bed was in the corner of this big bedroom, and I would go to bed- depending on my age- at 8 or 9 or 10. And I would lay […]

The iMonk’s Weekend File 1/22/05

I’ve got three topics running around in my head. All are important and deserve some ink. I’ll call it the iMonk’s Weekend File. Nothing too long and complex, but enough to say things that need to be said. Maybe they will reappear later as actual IM essays or BHT discussions. Would love your comments or […]