January 21, 2021

The Weekend File: 09:20:08

Thanks to Issues, Etc for choosing Internetmonk.com as the “Blog of the Week.” One of Rod Dreher’s readers at Crunchy Con sent in a deadly honest e-mail describing “white privilege.” I don’t care much for the political applications, but the observations on how some whites view their own behavior differently from the identical behaviors in […]

Miscellaneous, This and That, Etc.

Some random things that some of you will be interested in: 1) Church Membership Series: I have a summary post I want to write and then there is one more interview, but I don’t know when the interview will arrive in my mailbox. So I may go ahead and write the summary, but it won’t […]

The Weekend File 12:08:07: A Must Read Interview with Frank Schaefer + More

Oldspeak is the blog of John Whitehead, who has connections with the Schaeffer story, so it’s no surprise he has the best interview I’ve seen with Frank Schaefer regarding Crazy For God and many of the true, but controversial aspects of the book. It’s a must read interview. On the same subject, Frank Schaefer’s early […]

The IM Weekend File: 11:24:07

I think we all have to give a round of applause to the ordinary folks at Oral Roberts University who said “Enough is enough.” Richard Roberts- while far from being the worst offender in this collection of Tetzels- exemplified everything that is wrong with the Tulsa/TBN version of Charismatic evangelicalism. Smarmy, unscrupulous, self-serving and slick: […]

Weekend File 11:03:06: Site News, Derb’s Loss of Faith and The Passion of the Haggard

Time for the IM Weekend File. First, some IM/BHT site news. I’ve been greatly blessed to have outstanding technical assistance down through the years from Jim Nicholson, Kurt Nordstrom and Phillip Winn. Recently, I’ve been blessed with the friendship and good work of the queen of tech elves, Sonia Albright. As a result of her […]

Weekend File: 7:29:06

Let’s start out the weekend with good news. Very good. Ken Myers is taking the Mars Hill Audio site to podcasting. That means you will be able to hear a monthly version of MHA, featuring archival interviews, some new things and more. Long overdue, and a great addition to the blogosphere. Here’s the link, though […]

The IMonk Weekend File: 5:6:06

I haven’t done a weekend file in months. Seems like a good time. Mark DeVine is a professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. His blog impresses me, his book looks great, and his post on the emerging church good guys in the SBC is a home run. Let’s hear more from the professor. He seems […]

The iMonk Weekend File: 3:12:05

A story on franchised churches, a personal question that is really troubling me, and a few thoughts on “What is Faith?”

The iMonk Weekend File: 2:26:05

Some thoughts on legalism, spurred by a rather amazing Bible Study on why earrings are wrong….and more. It’s especially amazing since Jesus so directly addressed these matters so clearly in Mark 7.

Does this help?: A simple statement about the purpose and inspiration of the Bible.

If you are concerned about my views on the Bible, please read this: Setting aside general revelation (creation, nature) and experience, everything we know about the Good News of God in Jesus Christ, we know from the Bible. In fact, it is entirely right to say that the Bible’s theme- its message- is the message […]