November 30, 2020

The IM Weekend File: 09:18:09

UPDATE: Got this note about a discount on Jesus Girls. My wife wanted to read Jesus Girls after reading the review. Can’t get it anywhere except the publisher right now though. I emailed them asking when Amazon would have it and they said, who knows, Amazon is really slow sometimes. However, they gave me a […]

The IM Weekend File: 09:12:09

Went to the post office this morning (I love Saturday mail. Please don’t cancel it) and there was an old friend sitting in his car. His wife was in the PO. Big, strong strapping man. Incredible physical shape for a man in his late 70’s. Two years ago he was sharp as a tack. Used […]

The IM Weekend File: 08:28:09

And so it begins. I don’t know if Kentucky is the first Baptist State Convention to see the handwriting on the wall, but I am very, very proud of our executive board for stepping up to the plate and starting the process of saying, essentially, “we are ready to make changes to see more resources, […]

The IM Weekend Report: 07:11:09

If you haven’t read my daughter’s account of her reception into the Anglican Church, you should do so. And you should add her to your RSS feed, etc. Quite an eclectic selection of posts, but all good. New Reformation Press has some new teaching from Dr. Rosenbladt: Where In The Church Is The Gospel? Dr. […]

The IM Weekend Report: 06:27:09

Haven’t done a weekend report in a while. –Piper talks about what you have to believe about creation to be an elder at Bethlehem. If I hear this right, you can believe in evolution (most versions) and an old earth. You must believe in a “recent” redemption history. My follow up would be on the […]

Advent Greeting and A Few Good Links

UPDATE: Fearsome Pirate Josh Strodtbeck received his Treasury of Daily Prayer and writes a useful review. Do you have yours? Hit the sidebar and get one from New Reformation Press. I’m sending along an audio Advent greeting with this post. Rod Dreher comments on and reproduces Terry Mattingly’s lecture, “What Do Converts Want?” Lots of […]

The Weekend File: 11:29:08

John H at Confessing Evangelical suggests some devotional resources in the Orthodox tradition. James White has some video from the John 3:16 Conference. Apparently some in the “crowd” of 600-800 don’t believe Calvinists are Christians. I certainly believe you can be lost in any version of theology or church, and I have no doubt that […]

The IM Weekend File: 11:08:08

Weekend file time! No politics allowed! I’m fascinated by the tendency of a lot of evangelicals to pass the pulpit down father to son. Biblically, it’s nonsensical, but practically it can be the difference between staying afloat or sinking as a ministry. I recently listened to Matt Haggee, John Haggee’s son. Haggee himself has always […]

The IM Weekend File 10:25:08

Yes, I owe you all a podcast. I’m working on it. I have to go to Lexington today. I don’t do lists of links, but Zoo Station has a fine one. Spend some time there. As election time rolls around, I’m still unimpressed with either Presidential candidate, but I’ve made up my mind on the […]

The IM Weekend File: 10:4:08

As usual, thanks to all of you who have been using the Amazon Wish List to support me here at IM. Thank you! If the menu item in Lexington’s best Mexican Restaurant (Jalapenos) says “Diablo,” don’t get involved unless you are serious. Kevin Kelly is a founder of Wired Magazine, a Christian, and a guy […]