October 22, 2020

I wish I’d said that

This Real Live Preacher piece on the Bible is really wonderful, and I don’t have to agree with every word to say that. I’m sure there are recovering fundamentalists all over the place who could benefit from those thoughts. I can imagine the incident that must have prompted this sad and gentle rant, and the […]

300 pages into “My Life”

Yes, I’m reading Bill Clinton’s “My Life.” I’m 300 pages into the ex-President’s magnum opus autobiography, and he just got booted out of the governor’s mansion by the voters of Arkansas. He learned a thing or two about how rural folks feel when they discover- at the end of a long line- that their auto […]

Pit Stop Update : You Don’t Make Me Crazy

Time for a “Pit Stop” update. (We’ll just give that little title to posts referring back to the original post about my Summer ’04 spiritual crisis. I’m not a NASCAR fan, btw, but in baseball we often talk about “fixing the flat,” so I can live with the title.) I’ll start by saying a huge […]

Wizards or Idiots? It’s your choice

Every time Baptist Press lights one up on the subject of Harry Potter, I want to hit the pause button and ask a few questions. Assume that a child has no one to help him/her understand what they are reading. Should we be more afraid of him/her reading Harry Potter or the Bible?