August 10, 2020

Well, well. A significant breakthrough on justification?

Well, well. A significant breakthrough on justification? This fourth edition thus represents a complete reappraisal of every aspect of previous editions, including their structure and format. Those using this work for teaching purposes should thus ensure that they familiarise themselves with these structural and scholarly changes. My continuing engagement with both primary and secondary sources […]

Getting the Gospel Right: Interacting with a Post at Scot McKnight’s Blog

Getting the Gospel Right Interacting with Scot McKnight’s Post So, today, I encourage you to go to Scot McKnight’s blog, find Matthew Bates’s post and read it carefully: “Good News? Are T4G/TGC Leaders Starting To Change Their Gospel?”. Then, let’s use this and my comments below as the basis of discussion today. Here are a […]

Another Look: A Big Ol’ Losers’ Convention

• Matthew 5:1-12 so many people here to hear him from everywhere, of every kind no religious crowd this one! check out that bloke over there loser if i’ve ever seen one not an ounce of righteousness in him wouldn’t know a tithe from a toothbrush couldn’t find genesis if you handed him a bible […]

“She simply divided herself on behalf of everyone there”

• Sarah Condon at Mockingbird writes an appreciative article about Dolly Parton, her advocacy for the marginalized, and how her music has witnessed to the struggle of women to overcome inequality and mistreatment, while, ironically, she has been criticized for being “non-political.” In it — and here’s a set of words I never thought I’d […]

Another Look: Are We More Gracious than God?

 Above all, maintain constant love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins. • 1 Peter 4:8, NRSV Love…keeps no record of being wronged. • 1 Corinthians 13:5, NLT • • • This is not meant as a formal theological analysis of the meaning of the atonement. It’s more like street-level questioning of […]

Monday with Michael Spencer: Mom’s Money

Monday with Michael Spencer: September 23, 2019 Mom’s Money My parents were always poor. They came from poor people. They lived through the Depression. The first house I remember was small, run down and drafty. Dad never was able to stay with a good job for very long, then his health broke down and he […]

The Priority of the Gospels

An ancient Syriac document, allegedly recounting the instruction of the Apostles, enjoins: “The apostles further appointed: At the conclusion of all the Scriptures let the Gospels be read, as being the seal of all the Scriptures and let the people listen to it standing upon their feet: because it is the Gospel of the redemption […]

Another Look: Now. On Earth.

Another Look: Now. On Earth. Is that it? Is what we read on this church sign the message? Is this what Jesus and the apostles announced? Are we in rehearsals? Is this prep time for the final exam? Are we taking batting practice? Is this pre-season and we’re sorting out the team, making the cuts, […]

Another Look: A More Grounded Gospel

Note from CM: Back in 2015, I was reading the book mentioned below, and offered this post as part of my response to what I was absorbing from it. I’ve edited this in an update for today. • • • And he put all things under his feet and gave him as head over all things to […]

Monday with Michael Spencer: On Transactionalism

Monday with Michael Spencer On Transactionalism I am setting out to do something that is unlikely to be extremely popular. I am writing a theologically tentative essay about a word most of my readers have never heard and an issue I’ve only heard one other person discuss. Why this word would inspire serious theologizing on […]