January 27, 2021

Another Look: Thoughts on Veterans Day

Another Look: Thoughts on Veterans Day Men go to war for a hundred reasons, But they all come back with the same demons. • Slaid Cleaves • • • None of us who have escaped our nation’s veterans’ experiences on the battlefields can ever truly relate to what they’ve seen and known. We pin medals […]

For Independence Day: Our Greatest Speech, Our Greatest Need

On this U.S. Independence Day 2017, many are lamenting our current national and political situation, noting the ever-hardening divisions that seem to mark our citizenry. Although in many respects I join this lament, I also try to have some historical perspective and realize that we have lived in far more divided times, including an era […]

A Jesus-Shaped Response to Israel and Gaza

I’m sure many of us as individuals and churches will be praying for the situation in Israel and Gaza this weekend. It is one thing to express my opinions, “Christian” or otherwise, as I sit in my living room safely, thousands of miles away from a crisis situation in another part of the world. I don’t […]

When Children are Pawns in the Game of War

The kid who guards Fonseca’s tomb Cradles a beat-up submachine gun — At age fifteen he’s a veteran of four years of war Proud to pay his dues He knows who turns the screws Baby face and old man’s eyes Bruce Cockburn – “Nicaragua” – From the 1984 album “Stealing Fire” Remember “Kony 2012”? This […]

Memorial Day 2014: Living with War (Neil Young)

On U.S. Memorial Day, we pray for the coming of the new creation, in which the Tree of Life will provide healing for the nations, and there will be no more war. One of the most consistent artistic voices for peace over my lifetime has been Neil Young. The following video is from an album […]

Veterans Day: John Gorka – Let Them In

Veterans Day Thoughts 2013

So many dead men. You just wouldn’t believe it. – Donald Sutherland as Christ Johnny Got His Gun (1971) * * * For Veterans Day this year, I watched an anti-war movie. I figured this was a fitting tribute to those who have fought and died in wars. For what they and all of us […]