July 13, 2020

Sermon: Three Unwise Kings

NOTE: Sometimes during and after preaching a sermon, even when it has been written out beforehand, you realize connections and nuances you had not noticed when writing it. That happened this morning as I preached this message. So I have done a bit of editing to reflect that, including a change in the title. • […]

Discussing the Sheep and the Goats

It is time for us to consider another parable and teach one another as we study and meditate on its meaning. This week’s Gospel text from Matthew contains one of Jesus’ most familiar parables: The Sheep and the Goats (Matt. 25:31-46). I’m sure most of you have heard this parable many times, and perhaps have […]

Sermon: Serving a Generous Master (Matt. 25:14-30)

Today’s Gospel text speaks of a man going on a long journey. The journey that has brought me to this place where I stand today has likewise been long. Picture in your mind a young boy growing up in the Midwest. His family took him to the Methodist church. He loved being in the sanctuary, […]

Do We Really Want God to Intervene?

photo © 2006 Jenny Bauman | more info (via: Wylio)By Chaplain Mike In today’s worship, we heard the Gospel parable from Matthew 13 about the wheat and the weeds. Jesus told them another parable: The Kingdom of heaven is like this. A man sowed good seed in his field. One night, when everyone was asleep, […]

Trinity Sunday

By Chaplain Mike Today’s Gospel: Matthew 28:16-20 in this bed, two lovers fumbled as they found their way and it was holy when they knelt beside this bed to pray it kept them warm through many nights of cold, elusive fear when tender sweet caresses answered softly falling tears some secrets whispered in this bed […]


By Chaplain Mike Today’s Gospel: John 20:19-23 enclosed in a dark house alone with my own fear reluctant to go out, to deal with life to exert the energy it takes to listen to my tiresome neighbor complain about his cable service and the jerks who let their dogs crap on his lawn too spent […]


By Chaplain Mike Today’s Gospel: Luke 24:44-53 On a Facebook status update today, John Michael Talbot wrote: “The Ascension is not really a departure. It is entering into a new more dynamic manner of presence beyond the bounds of ordinary space and time. It is the assurance that Jesus is with us always during the […]

Easter VI

By Chaplain Mike Today’s Gospel: John 14:15-21 these are the words an orphan longs to hear i will give i will come i will abide and i will be with you forever and you will see you will live you will know and you will be loved forever and sometime in the night when love […]

Easter V

By Chaplain Mike Today’s Gospel: John 14:1-14 when in the dimness of an upper room my troubled heart fears an ending an abandoning, a bereaving i cannot bear the world that i have known changing the one whom i have followed departing the path that i have walked ending my hope, so solid, dissipating the […]

Easter IV

By Chaplain Mike Today’s Gospel: John 10:1-10 he goes before me into every day before he sends me forth he himself has gone before the way is made ready the path prepared i don’t see it at first it is mine to watch and listen to filter the noise to hear that voice to go, […]