August 24, 2019

NLT Mosaic Bible Released

RESOURCE: More than 80 pages of Mosaic are available to view here. UPDATE: THE CONTEST IS CLOSED. Congratulations to winner Brian Ladd. For those of you interested in the New Living Translation of the Bible, there will be some excitement at the release this week (9/22) of the Holy Bible: Mosaic Edition, a unique edition […]

NOW Is The Time To Enroll In The Theology Program

From Michael Patton at Reclaiming the Mind: Reasons to start The Theology Program: Inexpensive: You can’t beat $100 per course! If you need a scholarship, our generous donors have provided some. Contact for more information. Serious: We take theological education serious enough to say that you are joining a program that is not simply […]

Advertisers: Here’s the Reason Why You Should Be On Internet

New data: I’m the #6 in the Christian blogosphere according to the 6 point rating system at Headed for 700,000 unique visitors this year, with a current Technorati rank of just over 2000. That’s in the world. (There is an error at Church Relevance. Alexa says I had 20,000+ unique visitors in July. That’s […]

Frank Viola’s New Book “Finding Organic Church”+ My article at Mod Ref + Theology Program

Frank Viola’s new book “FINDING ORGANIC CHURCH: A Comprehensive Guide to Starting and Sustaining Authentic Christian Communities” (David C. Cook) releases today at a discount from This is the practical follow up to all of Viola’s other books. It’s also a stand alone book exploring the subject of organic church planting in great detail. […]

Links to the Evangelical Liturgy Series (so Far)

Introduction 1) The Worship Setting 2) The Tools 3) The Leaders 4) The Congregation 5) The Prelude 6. The Call To Worship Remember that there will be 23 posts in this series. There is also a “Church” category here at IM, and also a “Baptists” category.

Three items of Interest to IM Readers

1) Many of you have, like me, found Andrew Marin’s ministry to be extremely helpful on the issue of building bridges between evangelicals and the GLBT community. Having met Andrew personally and watched him communicate with seminar audiences, I can only say that we should all do whatever we can to extend the ministry of […]

Welcome to the NEW Internet

Thanks to a lot of hard work by Joe Stallard, the new Internet Monk is coming on line tonight. Plenty of bugs and minor matters to attend to, and I can’t promise that we won’t need to go off the air briefly, but here we are. Please notice that the Primary post is now larger […]

Alan Creech Stuff + Gangstas and Untouchables

Our friend Alan Creech has three items of interest. First, Alan Creech Rosaries Aids to Prayer, like Ropes and Little Beads, has a new web site. Easier to navigate, RSS feed, all the whistles and bells. Second, Alan is doing a podcast on spiritual formation. It’s called Oremus and many of you who pray the […]

CStone 09: A Few Thoughts Now and A Lot More Later

UPDATE: A few photos are at my Facebook page. I still can’t upload photos here for some reason. Denise and I just returned home from Cornerstone 09. We have a lot to do, but I will get right back to blogging and podcasting later tonight and tomorrow. My apologies to the Pirate Christian radio audience. […]

Note To Supporters of InternetMonk.Com

MORE: Because of continued generosity, I have been able to schedule more work. I’m more aware today of the role this blog plays in people’s lives than any day that I’ve done this. THANK YOU IM COMMUNITY. UPDATE: Financial need completely met. The IM community is supernatural. Thank you for your generosity. There is still […]