May 31, 2020

Hanging On…

For awhile now, I have been feeling the need for a break of some kind. As I’ve written about some of the demanding situations involved in working on a hospice team, many of you have been kind enough to encourage me to remember to practice self-care, and you are right. The schedule of emotionally intense […]

Joe the Plumber Gives a Brief Post-Mortem

photo © 2007 Rasmus Olsen | more info (via: Wylio)Presented by Chaplain Mike First of all, let me say how thankful I am for all of you in our Internet Monk community. You have patiently hung with us as we’ve gone through an absurd number of site problems over the past couple of weeks. I […]


What a week. We were hacked yet again. Our host site could not figure out how to restore our pages. Joe Stallard, our noble web master, spent the better part of three straight days trying to get us back up and running. There will be extra jewels in his crown in heaven for this. Saturday […]


photo © 2009 *n3wjack’s world in pixels | more info (via: Wylio)By Chaplain Mike Our top-notch web technician Joe the Plumber has spent all weekend thus far working with our hosting company to restore Internet Monk after a hacker’s attack shut us down. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We value your […]

Updating Updates

For my 20th college reunion in 2000 we invited Brother Bob Stamps to come speak to us. Bro. Bob was our chaplain back in the 1970s, and he is still much-loved by those who were in school during that time. When he got up at our banquet to speak, he said, “I wrote out a […]

From The Desk Of The Publisher

Howdy all. This is your friendly publisher—the abbot of the iMonastery, if you will—paying you a visit to catch you up on a few things here at the Internet Monk. Some of you may be relatively new visitors to our site, while others have been here for many years. All are welcome, especially those who […]

So, You Tell Me

Hi all. Your friendly neighborhood publisher here with a few questions for you. First of all, a great big “thanks” to each of you. Because of your loyalty to visit and spend time on InternetMonk, we are in the top 1000 of all blogs on the internet. That would be number 952 out of 1,256,299 […]

From The Publisher

Chaplain Mike’s recent post on the Disney-ization of faith has created quite a firestorm of responses. We welcome (most) all voices here at the iMonastery, and are glad we can be a home for the discussion, both measured and impassioned. I want to point out that Chaplain Mike and our other writers write as individuals. They do […]


By Chaplain Mike con•fab•u•la•tion –noun 1. the act of confabulating; conversation; discussion. Today, I want to give a shout out to the Internet Monk community for an engaging, thoughtful, considerate, and helpful discussion on yesterday’s post, “A Conversation We Must Have.” It makes one hopeful. We certainly didn’t all agree. We came at the subject […]

Hearing Michael Spencer’s Continuing Voice

By Chaplain Mike UPDATE: Coffee Cup Apologetics podcast #15 is available here. Thank you to those who sent it to Chaplain Mike! It has been good to hear Michael Spencer’s voice again in recent days. No, I was not caught up into the third heaven, nor was I granted a dream or vision. I’m talking […]