May 31, 2020

Site Update – Feb. 2014

As most of you know, we’ve had some major changes around Internet Monk this winter. Foremost among them was the departure of our friend and mentor Jeff Dunn. Jeff and I met around the time of Michael Spencer’s death. He had helped Michael with his book, and when Michael knew he would be leaving this […]

Meet The Team

As Chaplain Mike shared yesterday, he is stepping back from day-to-day writing duties here at the iMonastery in order to focus on his two “real” fulltime jobs. When we talked recently he said needed time to eat and sleep as well as work. I told him that was a personal problem and suggested if he […]

Internet Monk Makes the New York Times!

I received an email from Shawn Askinosie today. Shawn is a criminal defense lawyer turned confectioner. His company, Askinosie Chocolate in Springfield, Mo., makes highly regarded bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate with 10 percent of the profits shared with the company’s cocoa farmers in Ecuador, Honduras, the Philippines and Tanzania. He was interviewed by an opinion page […]

Site Update: Thanks for your patience (or, “I don’t like Spam!”)

It is likely that many of you have experienced delays seeing your comments appear in recent days when commenting on Internet Monk. It seems we are going through one of the periodic spam onslaughts that affect us. Please be assured, your comments are not being intentionally held. We do not generally practice active moderation of comments. […]

Latest Blog Rankings

UPDATE: I inadvertently copied and pasted an old listing of blog rankings. Here is the most current one. See if it changes any of your perceptions or observations: # Name Author AR CV PR GR HA RD 1 Between Two Worlds Justin Taylor 35,179 148,688 5 5,687 79 788 2 Jesus Creed Scot McKnight 7,035 […]

My Apologies

I finally had some time to do some maintenance on my end of things here this morning. Normally I just have time to do what has to be done to keep the fire from raging out of control, and sometimes I don’t even do that. (As you know, we’ve been having quite a few problems […]

Posting Problems

Hi everyone. I know many of you have been frustrated lately with your Internet Monk experience. I apologize for this and want you to know we are working to resolve the problems you’re having. Here’s a brief update. We’ve been having some server settings problems. In order to get to the server settings, we have […]

Chaplain Mike at Pastorum This Week

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, I will be attending the 2012 Pastorum Live Conference in Chicago. This conference is put on by the folks who produce Logos Bible software and features some of the finest Bible scholars in the world, including names you hear often here on Internet Monk, such as Scot McKnight, Peter […]

Rain Delay

Last night we had bad thunderstorms here in Indy and it knocked out Internet service while I was putting together this morning’s post. Sorry. Hopefully, I’ll have something up later today.

We Interrupt this Program…

Just a note to say “sorry” that we’ve had a few difficulties with Internet Monk the past couple of days. It is hoped that all is back to form and that we will have no more interruptions in the foreseeable future. It took us awhile, but we figured out the problem…